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Our country has no dearth of talent. But we still have much work to do in nurturing the demographic dividend we are fortunate to possess. As a reputed institution which has groomed young generations over the past 9 decades, we are experienced in the challenges, and can even bask in some pride.

However much as the rear-view mirror provides the story of the journey travelled, the future windscreen will show a different highway ahead. Our budding youngsters need to be well prepared to address all the excitement as well as uncertainties of the future.

At Cambridge School Greater Noida, we nurture our students to become thinking individuals who can solve problems in a fast-evolving world. Through our finely curated curriculum and range of artistic, cultural, vocational and sporting pursuits, we allow them exposure and experience on a wide variety of subjects, that not only increase awareness and cultivate versatility, but also expand their minds to embrace many emergent frontiers and new fields. As an example, our school has embarked on a Sustainability Roadmap that integrates learning and doing in fields of school operations, infrastructure facilities, gardening and other student projects to contribute to saving our planet.

Through a range of participation opportunities in debates & symposiums, drama and music, creative and group pursuits, we encourage them to be well-expressed, resourceful and responsible human beings with an entrepreneurial mindset and scientific temperament. Honesty, bonding well with people and being sensitive to others’ expectations are values that would help them integrate in any venture they would wish to pursue. We consider it important that our students eschew selfish thinking and embrace self-less thinking for the greater good. Teamwork and inclusivity are honoured in our school.

On the sporting field, our School has been particularly active. We have been a leading institution in our region in anchoring a Girls’ NCC Wing for several years now. Our teams and our star students have excelled at an inter-school as well as State/ District levels in Football, Athletics, Cricket, Archery, Basketball, etc. Going forward, we have major plans in the pipeline in the area of Sports.

Orchestrating a vast array of ongoing initiatives speaks highly of the dedication displayed by our teaching and administrative faculty. We are grateful for the support provided to them by parents of the school, and for the latter’s active participation and partnership in many an occasion. We value each and every child of our school and consider it our responsibility to help them realise their true potential.

As a Member of the Society for Advancement in Education, and partner to the school leadership, I commend all our stakeholders for coming together in unison to proudly hold the Cambridge flag aloft in Greater Noida where future potential abounds in making a true difference in education.

Indranil Gupta
The School Manager
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