Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar (2022-23)

April, 2022
1st  Friday Academic session begins (I-XII)
4th   Monday Academic session begins (Nur, Prep)
7th   Thursday Founder’s Day
10th   Sunday Holiday – Ram Navami
14th  Thursday Holiday – Mahavir Jayanti
15th  Friday Holiday – Good Friday
18th  -22nd  Week Long Nur-VII Earth Day celebrations
18th  – 22nd  Week Long Shakespeare Week (VI-X)
23rd  Saturday PTM (Nur-XII)
25th  Monday UT Cycle 1 begins (VII-XII)
28th  Thursday Fire Drill : World Safety Day (I-V)
29th  Friday World Dance Day – Lec-dem (IV,V)


May, 2022
2nd  Monday Seva : Labour Day (Nur-V)
3rd  Tuesday Holiday – Eid-ul-Fitr
6th   Friday Mother’s Day celebration (Nur-VIII)
13th  Friday UT cycle 1 ends (VII-XII)
14th  Saturday Summer vacation begins (Nur-VIII)
16th  Monday Holiday – Buddha Purnima
17th  – 31st  Teacher’s Training
21st  Tuesday Spirit of May (VI-XII)
Summer vacation begins (IX-XII)


July, 2022
1st  Friday School reopens (I-XII)
4th  Monday School reopens (Nur-Prep)
7th   Thursday Felicitation Ceremony (XII)
8th  Friday Vanmahotsav (Nur-V)
10th  Sunday Holiday – Eid-Ul-Zuha (Bakrid)
18th  – 22nd  Nur-XII Sustainable Science
25th  Monday UT Cycle 2 Begins (VII – XII)
29th   Friday Investiture Ceremony (V, IX-XII)


August, 2022
6th  Saturday PTM (Nur-XII)
9th   Tuesday Holiday – Muharram
10th   Wednesday Raksha Sutra (Nur-V)
11th   Thursday Holiday – Rakshabandhan
12th  Friday Aazadi ki Aur
(Independence Day celebration (Nur-XII)
15th  Monday Holiday – Independence Day
18th  Thursday Janamasthami celebration (Nur-II)
19th Friday Holiday – Janmashtami
29th  Monday Cambridge Premier League (Inter School)
(Cricket Tournament) / Test Cycle 2 ends
31st  Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi / Clay Modelling Workshop


September, 2022
5th  Monday Special Assembly – Teacher’s Day (I-XII)
8th   Thursday World Literacy Day (I-V)
(Masqueraders, drop everything and read)
12th – 16th  Nur-X Hindi Sapath (Hindi activities)


October, 2022
1st  Saturday Special Assembly – Gandhi Jayanti (Nur-VIII)
2nd Sunday Holiday – Gandhi Jayanti
3rd Monday Holiday – Ashtami
4th Tuesday Holiday – Mahanavami
5th   Wednesday Holiday – Dussehra
6th   Thursday Dussehra celebration (Baithak) (I-V)
9th   Sunday Holiday – Eid-E-Milad & Valmini Jayanti
15th   Saturday P.T.M – Term1 (Nur-XII)
20th  Thursday Diwali celebration (Nur-V)
(Activities involving Art and Music)
21st   Friday Special Assembly (VI-XII)
Importance of Diwali and our festivals
23rd  Sunday Holiday – Choti Diwali
24th   Monday Holiday – Diwali
25th  Tuesday Holiday – Goverdhan Pooja
26th  Wednesday Holiday – Bhai Dooj


November, 2022
4th  Friday SST Exhibition (Stories of Courage) (I-V)
7th  Monday Unit test cycle 3 begins (VII,VIII,IX, XI)
8th  Tuesday Holiday – Guru Purab
9th   Wednesday JAM (Hindi) (III-V)
14th  Monday Special Assembly for Children’s Day (Nur-XII)
17th  – 22nd  Spectrum – Inter School Competitions


December, 2022
2nd Friday Panel Talk (Quality Education ) (VI-VIII)
12th  Monday Unit test cycle 3 ends (VII,VIII,IX, XI)
16th  Friday Magic of Science (Science Exhibition) (Nur-V)
23rd  Friday Christmas celebrations (Nur-XII)
(Carol singing and craft activities)
25th   Sunday Holiday – Christmas
31st   Saturday Winter break begins


January, 2023
9th Monday School reopens after winter vacations
12th Thursday National Youth day (Declamation ) (VI-XII)
21st  Saturday P.T.M (Nur-XII)
23rd – 27th   Resilience Week – Republic Day celebration (Nur-XII)
26th  Thursday Holiday – Republic Day
30th   Monday Martyrs Day – Observing silence


February, 2023
13th – 17th  Shopper’s Week (Nur-V)
Learning different aspects of Business and Finance
13th  Monday Unit test cycle 4 ends (VII – VIII)
18th  Saturday Holiday – Maha Shivratri


March, 2023
7th  Tuesday Holiday – Holi
13th – 17th  Activity Week – Bag Free (Nur-V)
24th  Friday P.T.M Term 2 – Result Declaration (Nur-V)
25th  Saturday P.T.M Term 2 – Result Declaration (VI, IX and XI)
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