Winners of CBSE Science Exhibition, Four Years in a row!


Arush Verma and Vaishnavi Srivastava of CLIX bagged the 1st prize in the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition held at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International on 29th and 30th January 2019. The winning model based on the theme ‘Waste Management’ comprised of automated smart bins which segregated wet, plastic and metallic waste and each was further recycled and used innovatively and productively. The most innovative of all was the use of plastic to design apparel for elderly people which would prevent them from injuries in case of a fall.

This ground-breaking work has secured them a place in the CBSE national Science Exhibition. this being the fourth consecutive year that the school has been winning the regional CBSE Science Exhibition validates the inquiry-based curriculum followed in the school. 

The School management congratulates the winning team of the two students & lauds the efforts and guidance given by the two science teachers Ms. Vinti Verma and Ms. Nidhi Sharma which helped the students accomplish this feat.

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CBSE Theme – Innovations for sustainable development

Sub Theme – Waste management and water body conservation

School’s model was -Lemna Minor – Duckweed – A weed or a miracle

The project “Lemna minor (Duckweed) – a weed or a miracle?’ is about cleaning pond water through duckweed (an unwanted plant) that can absorb many pollutants from water, in conjunction with Pisciculture. Duckweed is highly nutritious with 25% protein content, so our team prepared fodder and Fish food from it. We Also prepared biofuel from harvested duckweed.



CBSE Theme – Science, Technology and Mathematics for Nation Building

Sub Theme – Innovations in food production and food security

School’s model was – Cold Plasma – cutting edge of food security



CBSE Theme – Science and Mathematics for inclusive Development

Sub Theme – Agriculture and Food Safety

School’s model was – Smart Farm – a step towards sustainable development.

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