An honest adversary is preferable to a deceptive friend

An honest adversary is preferable to a deceptive friend

We have life-changing experiences during the school year. We all can agree on that, but there is one aspect of our life that lasts forever: the friends we make. School friendships are beautiful and linger forever in our recollections. We later reminisce about the good old days, as a cold hard fact is, not all of them are successful or have happy endings. People seldom say, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” but is this actually the case?

Random people enter our lives, saying they’ll be there for us forever and then they leave us when we’re at our weakest on the pretext that they need some privacy or that they need a moment for themselves. How is that even possible? What kind of friend could possibly betray another? These are the queries that are most likely to come to someone whose friendship(s) have deteriorated. An atmosphere of melancholy and darkness pervades after losing a friend. Imagine yourself being shackled by hopelessness and sadness, sleeping in a dingy room by yourself. It feels as if something has just left you: as if your soul has been severed. You feel a void in your heart. People make fun of you by calling you weak or sappy if you weep or talk to someone about it. What hurts the most is when the friend you’ve been conversing with, singing duets with, skipping periods with, and of course eating in the canteen with, suddenly leaves.

When one finishes school, they come to the realization that everyone is selfish because of that one person. But since the suffering they experience is intolerable, we cannot hold it against them for having an incorrect perception of the world. The adage “One unclean fish poisons the whole water” is quite true. Just be aware of the fact that those who genuinely care about you are never far from you, and those who leave you, were never truly the ones who promised to be there with you forever.

Shyla Srivastav