Art Gallery

Art work from Primary School

Poster Making:

During this lockdown period, the faculty at Cambridge School Greater Noida conducted an online ‘Poster Making Activity’ for students of our Primary Section – classes 1 to 5. The students responded enthusiastically to the activity, with numerous entries received. Each group had a separate theme based on which they needed to create their art work. A big thank you to all the students for their enthusiastic participation.

Class I : Hygiene – Keeping our Hands Clean

Class II: Community Helpers

Class III: My Super Hero’s, Save The World

Class IV: Family Bonding During Lockdown

Class V: Our Environment During Lockdown/Safety Awareness

Thumb & Leaf Painting by Class I and II

Arohi Agarwal
Omitya Vijayvarg

Paper Folding Origami by Class III

Aarnav Sharma
Poorvi Mishra

Vegetable Painting by Class IV and V

Arohi Parashar
Aarush Mittal
Shreyansh Patra

Digital Art- Class III

Art & Craft

Aman Goyal (X) Portrait in Fauvism
Anshika Thakur (X) Landscape in Pointillism
Deep Chaudhary (IX) landscape in Pointillism
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