• How to Beat Exam Stress and Test Anxiety DuringExams?
    by Admin  |  February 25th, 2021

    Have you ever experienced nervousness and stress as the exam date approaches? No matter how great attention you paid in the class, took detailed notes, read every chapter, and even attended study sessions, but just as the test is presented before you, you find yourself so nervous that you blank out on the answers to […]

  • How to Teach Children Good Etiquette and Manners
    by Admin  |  February 24th, 2021

    In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, it is crucial to teach your children manners. As parents, we have to help our kids develop good social skills to interact politely with people and treat others with respect. The top CBSE school in Greater Noida presents some great ways parents can teach their children good manners. These are some of […]

  • How to Encourage and Celebrate Your Child’s Uniqueness
    by Admin  |  February 23rd, 2021

    One of the most beautiful aspects of parenting is watching your child bloom from a small, helpless infant to a full-fledged adult full of ideas, preferences, views, opinions, styles, and quirks. Over time, the children grow into themselves with your acceptance, which is truly the right gift from you. Every child is unique in their […]

  • How to Help Your Child Develop Self-Confidence
    by Admin  |  February 23rd, 2021

    Many parents want to raise their kids with self-confidence, which not only helps them survive but thrive. And while the focus is primarily on ‘self’, parents play an essential role in how a children develop competence and a strong sense of self which is crucial for their mental and psychological well-being. As a parent, you […]

  • How to Raise a Resilient Child
    by gnadmin  |  February 6th, 2021
                                 How to Raise a Resilient Child Modern life has become challenging for kids. Children are aware of the comparison with other children, whether academically, socially, in sport, music or art. There are many obstacles to overcome, ranging from exam stress to [...]
  • How to Encourage Independence in Your Child
    by gnadmin  |  February 6th, 2021
    How to Encourage Independence in Your Child A part of children growing up is to gain more independence and increasingly do more things without parents. You can make sure that your kids are getting the support and some necessary nudging that they may require to become more confident and self-reliant individuals.   Parents should encourage their [...]
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