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The school is established on a land area of 10.35 acres. It is located in the heart of the city which is easily accessible from other sectors and has good connectivity with the neighbouring cities too by road & by metro-rail. The school building is an imposing structure surrounded by undulating lawns and landscaped exteriors which impart a scenic beauty to the campus. It is aesthetically designed with playfields and open terraces.

The Campus is equipped with multiple resources, thereby ensuring availability of every facility required for the process of imparting long lasting learning. The Classrooms are well ventilated and brightly lit, laboratories are spacious and well equipped and libraries are well stocked with a wide genre of books and CD’s, computer labs with the latest software and smart classes with technological support for interactive and meaningful curriculum transaction.

State of the art facilities offered along with a sound educational programme provides the students with an environment which is intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding.

Actualizing Green School Dream!

Solar panels for peripheral wall lights, rain water harvesting, herbal garden, paper recycling, compost pit, etc. are ongoing activities of our Green School Project providing our children not only sound but surround education.

M S Subbulaxmi Memorial Auditorium

The MS Subbulakshmi Memorial Auditorium, the multipurpose complex was inaugurated by Chief Guest Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal, Principal Economic Advisor, Government of India, alongwith our guest Dr. Kalyani Roy, Secretary – The Society for Advancement in Education, Mr. Vikram Roy, Director SAE and Mr. Indranil Gupta, Manager Cambridge School Greater Noida.

Auditorium is constructed inside the school campus consisting of 16,000 Sq.ft Area with Ground floor including canteen, Guest room, Two side lobby with lift facility, First Floor with Hall 1600 Sq.ft, Stage with 3 wings, Green Room, VIP Room, Guest Washroom and Balcony and Projection Room. The projection room is connected with Light Panel and Sound Panel, Projector and Projection Screen.

M S Subbulaxmi Memorial Auditorium was inaugurated on
This state-of-the-art auditorium has been built with the purpose of encouraging our students to explore and excel in the Performing Arts. With a seating capacity of 1000, the fully air-conditioned hall with a large stage, state of the art sound, lights and audiovisual systems, specially designed flooring and balcony spaces, allows for a variety of events and functions including indoor sports.

Sports and Physical Education

The philosophy of “a healthy mind in a healthy body”– which is an integral part of Cambridge School’s education system. It assists each child in blooming into a physically, mentally and emotionally sound individual.

The School encourages participation in both team games and individual sporting prowess through Inter school and Inter-house competitions by providing excellent infrastructure and specialized coaches for a wide range of sports and games.

Besides the large playground which has been the training arena for numerous athletes who have made it to the state and national levels, the outdoor sports facilities include a Basketball court, Tennis court, Badminton court, Football Ground, a Cricket pitch, a skating rink and arena for Karate.

A separate play area with colourful swings, slides and merry-go-rounds for the younger children also exists within the campus. Provision for indoor games, such as chess, carrom board, and table tennis has been provided in the school.

Taking a step towards instilling ideals of character, discipline and service to society in girls, 31 UP (Girls) BN NCC, has been instituted in the school. It trains them to become good citizens.

Play Room – A Venue to Rejoice!

Play way method is an integral part of the teaching learning process at the pre primary level. The games and activities are interactive and encourage creativity.

The Computer Lab (Junior & Senior) – Zooming into Future Technology

Excellent facilities are provided in the two computer labs which are continuously updated with the latest software as per requirement. The students have an access to subject specific information at the click of a button. All projects, seminars and workshops are technology aided.

The Math Lab (Junior & Senior) - Making Abstractions---Concrete

To further a keen interest in Mathematics, there are two advanced Math labs with kinesthetic techniques for making the abstract concepts into tangible realities.

The Science Lab –Creating Geniuses

Spacious and well equipped labs for understanding General Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, are in place. These lend ample opportunities to students to conduct scientific investigations and delve deeper into abstract scientific concepts.

Library – Reservoir of Knowledge

To instill good reading habits, the school has two excellent and well stocked libraries and a Reading Room. They cater for both junior and senior students. A wide genre of books, newspapers, magazines, journals, CDs, DVDs etc, are available for self enrichment and to keep students abreast with current affairs.

The Seminar Room – A Confluence of Ideas

A spacious Seminar Hall is the venue for regular interactive workshops and seminars which are conducted by and for teachers and the students.

The Cultural Court – A Rendezvous with Aesthetics

This is an aesthetically designed court for the students for the visual and performing arts. It encompasses

  • Art
  • Music- Vocal and Instrumental
  • Dance

Amphitheatre – For Histrionic Expressions

For dramatics and self expression, the central arena serves to be an ideal place. It’s an amphitheatre for various ‘Theatre in Education’ presentations, performances and various competitions. Events like the Annual Day, Spectrum, Investiture Ceremony and other Cultural activities are held here.

Smart Classes – Technology Aided Education

To facilitate interactive and enjoyable learning sessions which lead to a better understanding of concepts the school is equipped with smart classes.

Audio- Visual Room – Bringing the Fourth Dimension In

Audio Visual rooms are accessed frequently by teachers and students for Power Point Presentations, educational videos and films to reinforce learning.

Special Education -- Walking Hand in Hand

Children are our most valuable treasures. Our Special Educators are highly proficient in the identification of specific problems and addressing them in a manner that facilitates the child’s potential.

Medical Room

  • A fully equipped Infirmary can be availed by the indisposed.
  • A well trained full time nurse attends to all medical emergencies.
  • Regular eyes, teeth and general health check-ups are organised.
  • For emergencies, the school has tied-up with prestigious hospitals

Counselling – A Friend in Need

In accordance with CBSE guidelines, there is provision for a highly experienced and qualified counsellor who is available for all psychological issues pertaining to the students’ adjustment with their immediate social environment.

Tours and Excursions

  • A plethora of activities, clubs, tours and excursions are conducted which play a pivotal role in enriching the students’ learning experience.
  • Selection of destinations for these excursions is done with the aim of providing education, adventure and wholesome enjoyment.

Security of your Child – Our prime concern!

  • Safety of an impeccable standard is a matter of prime concern for us.
  • Members of the staff are fully equipped to keep a vigilant eye on students’ movement.
  • The entire school campus is monitored by CCTV’s

School Transport

  • A fleet of buses cover the length and breadth of Noida, Greater Noida, Dadri, Indirapuram. As per requirement new routes are added.
  • The buses are equipped with Fire hydrants and First Aid boxes along with a trained attendant and a Teacher on bus duty to look after the students in the bus.

Wi-Fi Campus

The school campus is equipped with wi-fi connectivity so that teachers can use the resources of the internet in their class-rooms, according to the needs of their students.

After School Hours Enterprise

  • Renowned professional sports academies for Football, Tennis and Skating, operate after school hours within the school premises.
  • Kathak Dance Academy – The academy is run by instructors of national repute.

Other Facilities

Uniform Shop, Book Shop, Canteen

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