How to Develop Reading Skills in Preschoolers

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Preschoolers are very smart and they just require proper attention and guidance By channelizing their energy into the correct path we can make them learn a language or skill very easily. A preschooler is smarter than any adult as they have a better brain capacity and they can use their brain more than any adult. We should inculcate good habits and introduce them to new languages in this age as their brain is so sharp that they can absorb whatever we teach them. Reading is one such skill that should be introduced to them at this tender age. In fact, many parents read to their children when they are less the one year old. Studies suggest that when we read to toddlers and speak to them they tend to assimilate and comprehend what we say. Therefore, it is smart to inculcate reading habits when they are in a preschool itself.

Establish a regular routine: When we read to a child on a regular basis, the words become familiar to him or her and they tend to remember it. One can increase reading abilities, vocabulary, recognizing alphabets and words, and know the sound of the words as well.

Reread to them: By reading the same book again and again for sometimes; toddlers become familiar with the content of that book. They memories it and then when we read another book having similar content then they are able to read and understand better.

Book of their age: One should make sure that the child starts and practice reading a book that is age-appropriate. One must not burden the child with a book meant for older children. In such cases, the child loses interest in reading as it is too difficult for him or her. Therefore, the best CBSE School in Greater Noida emphasizes on developing reading skills from a very early age.

Colorful books with pictures: Toddlers are always attracted to colorful pictures. They remember the pictures better than words. Studies suggest that the visual memory of children is far sharp than comprehensive. They identify pictures and remember them. Therefore, pre-nursery school in Greater Noida uses visual aids and pictures to develop reading skills in preschoolers.

Read with them: Reading with your child gives them an extreme joy to them. They are eager to read in front of their parents. Such a healthy habit of reading helps the children to develop readings skills faster.

Appreciate their reading:  When we appreciate toddlers when they read, it makes them happy and want to do it again.

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