Revised Fee Bill for the month of February 2022 (Academic Session 2021-22)

Dear Parents,
The revised fee bill for the month of February 2022 (Academic session 2021-22) has been uploaded. Please note that in compliance
with order no: 756/15-7-2020-1(20)/2020 dt. 27.4.2020 of the Principal Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh, monthly fee is
now being charged as per fee schedule of 2019-20 without any increase.
Optional fees like transport fee, lab fee etc. will not be charged during the lockdown period.
We have also postponed fee collection by a month, so you are now requested to pay through Paytm on/before 10.02.2022.
For those who have already paid, the difference will be adjusted in the subsequent bill.


Fee Structure for the Academic Session 2021-22

Fee Structure for New Students

Fee Structure of session 2021-22

Fees Structure for existing students

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