How to Teach Gender Equality to Children

gender equality

Gender equality is the most talked about topic in the past few decades. People have been talking about gender equality since forever. There has always been a tussle between gender equality and gender inequality.  In men’s driven society, women were not allowed to do anything of their choice, they were forced to marry at a young age, education was not meant for them, and they were not allowed to work outside the home.  Gradually, with time there has been a lot of improvement in this state. Further, to promote gender equality laws have been made in order to provide equal opportunities irrespective of gender, and equal right to equal pay was implemented. In today’s time we can proudly say that we have reached closer towards gender equality.

To change the notion of a society it is very important that we begin from the roots. Children are our future and only they can change the entire perspective about gender equality. We teach them right from the beginning about equality. Once they see their friends as equals then they will never discriminate among genders even when they grow up.  To start the process, we should begin it from our home. Only we as parents and teachers can the shape of next generations. It is our responsibility to educate our kids about respect and appreciation towards everyone. Further, children learn what they see at home and around their surrounding; when a family practices gender equality at home and give full respect to all the ladies, appreciate their work, help them in household chores and treat them as equals then the child will also learn the same values.

To educate children or make them understand anything, it is necessary that we set an example in front of them. Sharing is caring, we have heard this idiom a lot but it’s time to practice it as well. When we share responsibilities and activities at home by breaking the stereotypes such as only women should cook, clean, or wash clothes. When we practice what we preach, the impact of our lesson is far greater than just words.  Children will then ultimately follow what the parents practice at home.

Sometimes all of us have a gender basis. There are certain stereotypes that society has implemented on us like the role one plays and clothes one should wear. Such stereotypes have created a lot of problems in the lives of many individuals. It is better that we ignore these stereotypes and let everyone make their choices.

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