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Cambridge School Greater Noida which took off in a modest way on April 03, 2000 has clearly established itself as one of the leading educational institutions in Greater Noida, known for its excellent infrastructure, faculty, innovative teaching methodology, academic and co-curricular achievements and a plethora of activities conducted throughout the year.

The aim of the school is not only to produce scholars, but to turn out responsible Indians. To attain this goal, emphasis is laid on all-round development of the students’ mental, physical, intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual aspects. Besides, students also undertake a lot of community development work throughout the year. Good citizenship has been at the heart of what kind of education Cambridge imparts. Beyond the academic achievements, it is the principle of ‘service before self’ that is essential to building empathy and community-consciousness.


To be one of the leading schools in the community it serves, known and widely acknowledged as a secular institution which develops character and ethical leadership in its students in their pursuit of excellence.


To nurture in children a strong sense of community, of justice and fair play, and allow them the opportunity to learn and express themselves in the ways they enjoy best, applying their learning to diverse and challenging situations to reach their optimum potential.

The school is established on a land area of 10.35 acres. It is located in the heart of the city which is easily accessible from other sectors and has good connectivity with the neighbouring cities too by road & by metro-rail. The school building is an imposing structure surrounded by undulating lawns and landscaped exteriors which impart a scenic beauty to the campus. It is aesthetically designed with playfields and open terraces.

The Campus is equipped with multiple resources, thereby ensuring availability of every facility required for the process of imparting long lasting learning. A state-of-theart multi-purpose auditorium seats an audience strength of nearly 1000. The Classrooms are well ventilated and brightly lit, laboratories are spacious and well equipped and libraries are well stocked with a wide genre of books and CD’s, computer labs with the latest software and smart classes with technological support for interactive and meaningful curriculum transaction.

Infrastructure and Facilities

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    • Our school has excellent infrastructure for a wide variety of academic and co-curricular activities including arts, culture and drama and facilities that promote all-round growth of our students.

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    • We have a truly dedicated and qualified staff team which nurtures the individualised learning development of students with empathy and inspiration.

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    • The ongoing evolution of education from blackboard to digital board, especially in the post-pandemic era, is led by our philosophy and practice to always be at the cutting edge of best practices. Our teachers are trained and capable in online teaching.

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    • Our school boasts of top rankers in the District and even on All-India basis in the CBSE examinations. Our students’ academic achievements are guided and tracked by continuous assessments that help to ensure no one is left behind.

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    • We adhere to very strict benchmarks when it comes to the safety of our students. The campus is monitored with state-of-the-art CCTV cameras and is continuously sanitised in accordance with approved health and hygiene standards.

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    • With a healthy ratio of 1 teacher per 20 students, we aim at addressing individual problems and concerns of all the students.

Cambridge School

Principal's Message

It is truly an honour to serve as the Principal of Cambridge School Greater Noida. The role of a Principal primarily entails orchestrating many exciting opportunities for students to evolve as aware and thinking individuals. It is my personal and professional passion to provide children with the best educational experience possible – one that will build for each of them a foundation for a joyful future. I believe with every conviction that every child is born with a unique gift to share with mankind, which lies dormant, waiting to be identified and given the chance to bloom.

Experiential learning paves the way to discovery. Each student strives to unleash his/her own potential among peers, in the classroom, on the sports field, or on stage. We home in to nurture the required skills, develop an optimistic and courageous outlook and embed a deep sense of integrity to enable them to pursue their dreams with conviction. It is in so doing that our students turn out to be confident, creative and caring adults who are not afraid of challenges. We encourage all our students to persevere, participate and take responsibility for their own development and for each other.

Our Cambridge students look forward to coming to school every day, as learning is an adventure here, with something new and exciting to engage and stimulate them. Even a pandemic does not overwhelm neither our students nor our teachers. Online or offline, they strive to make the best out of situational realities and come out winners.

Our excellent academic results in past years are a testimony to the hard work teachers are putting in to ensure our children excel and learn in a conducive, supportive and motivating environment. Our students’ achievements in various sporting events speak volumes about the sports facilities and training provided here at our school. Right from middle school our children get groomed to present scientific experiments, take part in youth parliaments and many other co-curricular activities. They are engaged in community service that helps them understand for themselves the school’s motto, ‘We learn to serve.’

We, at Cambridge believe that every child is special and with the right blend of education, experimentation and exposure, will go places. We see our school parents as equal partners in that endeavour and encourage them to engage excitedly in their child’s journey here in close collaboration with teachers.

Together we can do wonders!

Mrs. Snehlata Krishnan



The school is up to which class?

Class Nursery to XII


What are the school timings?

School timings: 08:00 am – 02:10 pm


Which curriculum or board do you follow?

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)


Do you provide transport?

Yes. For certain routes decided by the School and subject to change.


What should I do if my child is not well?

If your child is unwell then he/she should be kept at home. Please callup school to let us know why your child is absent or send a note citing the reason for his absenteeism in the school diary once he/she joins back.


What happens if my child meets with an accident in school?

Unfortunately, sometimes children do meet with accidents or become unwell whilst they are at school and we need to call you. It can add to your child’s distress if we are unable to contact you. Please ensure that we have your updated contact numbers and tell us straight away if these change. We do have a trained Nurse in the school who provides First Aid. If need be, the child is taken to the nearby hospital.


When can I talk to the teachers?

Teachers are busy settling their classes first thing in the morning and can only receive the briefest of messages at that time. They are more easily available at the end of the day when they have dismissed their classes. Teachers are happy to make appointments to see you if you would like a longer chat. Teachers also meet parents on PTM’s.


Are children given homework?

We expect children to read at home every day. Depending upon your child’s age, other tasks will be set, such as a math activity, a topic to research or spellings to learn.


Happy Parents

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