Need for teaching good touch and bad touch to preschoolers

good touch and bad touch

Every parent looks after their children. But it is almost impossible to stay with them for 24 hours. Since time has changed and there are a lot of cases of child abuse and child harassment. We should make our children independent and educate them regarding good touch, bad touch. Further, we should make them understand that they should never talk to any stranger, go with any stranger or even take anything to eat from anyone.  Children, when they are small, are very innocent and they are friendly to everyone they come across.  Therefore, we should make sure that they are surrounded by family at all times. The best CBSE School in Greater Noida makes sure that they teach preschoolers bout good touch and bad touch.

Teach them ownership of their body: It is necessary that we teach our children to have ownership of their bodies when they are very small. They should be aware of their body parts. Parents should teach them about all the body parts along with their functions.  They should be made aware of their private parts and that nobody has the right to touch them.

Explain safe touch: Parents and teachers must explain that what is safe to touch. They should be aware that apart from the patient sometimes the doctor needs to observe the child which is fine and it does not come under bad touch when the child is accompanied by the parents to the doctor. And that if the teacher helps the child when he or has encountered a fall from a swing in such cases there is no problem.

Teach them when to use the No word: Children should be taught when to use the word ‘NO’.  They should be taught that if someone touches them and if they don’t like it, then they should say no immediately. If someone hurt them physically such as pulling their hair or pushing them, they should ask them not to do that.

Use books to teach them: With the help of books and visual representation, making children understand becomes quite easy. Visuals help them in better understanding the concept of good touch and bad touch. Cambridge School Greater Noida emphasizes child safety measures and teachers introduce the concept of good touch and bad touch as early as preschool level.

Practice Role Play: When we try to teach a concept to a child, role play is considered the best method. Since children are much more intrigued by it and keep all their attention concentrated during the performance.

Make boundaries: It is necessary that we teach our children to maintain boundaries and avoid unnecessary affection from friends and relatives. Parents and teachers should teach that they should avoid hugs and kisses not only from strangers but from friends, neighbors, and relatives as well.  Apart from parents, they should not allow physical touch such as cheek pulling or kiss on cheeks from anyone.

Further, parents and teachers should teach children that it is not ok to see or show private parts to anybody.  It is not ok if someone shows video or pictures of a naked person, in such cases, they should immediately tell their parents or teachers. Further, they should not take their clothes off if some asks. They should not sit upon anybody’s lap even if there is no space to sit around.  It is necessary that we teach our children all these things. It might look small but awareness is the key to avoid child abuse.

Cambridge School Greater Noida is among the top C.B.S.E schools in Greater Noida. At our school, we believe in the overall development of a child for which we give equal importance to physical exercise along with academics.

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