How to choose the right sport for your child?

Sports are an integral part of childhood and are also crucial for the holistic development of children. It’s a perfect way to reinvigorate the daily routine and have fun at the same time. It also teaches them a variety of virtues, such as character-building, team spirit, teamwork, a helping attitude, and even humility, which shape them into responsible and kind humans. As the leading nursery school in greater Noida, we encourage our students to engage in sports activities to boost their energy and fortify their body with strong muscles.

While children and sports seem to go together, not all kids want to pursue them. Every child is unique and has unique interests. While some kids love to play physically demanding games, others are more interested in low impact sports. Hence, finding the right sport for your children is a big responsibility and requires you to discover their interests and help them make the right decision.

Remember there are no bad sports or games, and it all depends on your child’s interests. However, if you end up picking the wrong sport for your little one, the results might hurt them in the long run. Hence, you need to ensure that the kid can accept the game chosen by you, and only then they can pursue it with their heart.

According to the top 10 schools of greater Noida, here are some factors you must be kept in mind while choosing a sport for kids.

Introduce them to various sports activities

Before you let your kid choose a sport from their heart, you have to let them experience every variety possible. It will help the child to get better exposure to sports activities and find out what interests them more. You can take your child to a game so they can experience these activities first hand or allow them to watch different sports on television so they can make an unbiased decision.

Then, you can talk to your child to know about how they feel about these sports and if they want to try out any of them. Also, try to comprehend their enthusiasm during the conversation to track the inclination for a particular sport.

Match their choice with their daily schedule

The top CBSE school in greater Noida believes that sports should be a part of every children’s routine. But you also have to ensure that your kids get a healthy amount of sports in their daily routine, not the whole of it.

Hence, you have to set and allot specific time for sports activities, so it won’t affect their rest of the duties, such as learning, eating and sleeping. But make sure you give equal weightage to studies and sports as both are equally important for kids development.

Don’t consider their physical traits.

Some sports need a specific type of players that are suited to physical traits. Hence, consider your child’s stature while finding a physical activity that may suit them the best. If your kid is taller and broader, they might make better basketball players, and if they’re more slender, they will do great at running. However, it’s only a suggestion and not a condition. So, never let your child’s physical traits define their passions and tell them to pursue anything they set in the mind.

Let your child choose

While you can be their guide through their choice, you must never be the one to influence their final decision. Once you have done your part, you have to step back and let your children make their own choice. You can even let them pick one or two or maybe a few sports at the start and then help them find the one that fits within their daily schedule and interests.

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