How to Develop Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is an ability of a person that helps him to get out of situations that might be difficult to resolve. It is a great quality in a person that everyone requires, especially in a workplace. Therefore, it is necessary that we teach our children such important qualities while they are small as it is easy to learn at such an age. Children at this age are capable of learning anything; they have a very sharp brain. Children from 1-5 years of age are very sharp as they can use their brain more than 1 % which is impossible for an adult. Albert Einstein is the only individual who has reached close to this mark. Therefore, one can imagine the kind of brain capacity these little angels have. Their brain is able to work in a multi dimensional way, as they have to learn so many things such as walking, talking, and learning all the things that surround them including the language and skills we want to teach them. Children at this age are able to learn all those things and we can’t predict the type of intelligence they are capable of. Teachers of nursery schools in Greater Noida try to focus on the overall development of the child and give the required attention to each child.

Being able to solve mathematical problems, reasoning, adaptive learning and a lot more, all these things require cognitive development. And one can provide better individuals when we start from the bringing. When parents and teachers try to teach things and do activities that stimulate growth and development in children that enhance motor and cognitive skills in a child, in such cases, children are more aware and gain perspective to solve problems not just academic but any problem that comes their way. Further, problem solving skills allow an individual to find effective solutions by step by step approach using the basic procedure such as identification of the problem, do your research, look for possible solutions, make an informed decision, put that decision in action and wait for the result.

Further, there are a lot of activities and exercises that might help to improve the cognitive skills among the children. Some of these activities include:

Shrinking Vessel: Shrinking Vessel game helps in developing adaptability which is an important cognitive ability that helps in problem solving technique. This improves problem solving ability to a great extent.

Human Knot: Human Knot is an activity that helps in learning ability, adaptability and collaboration.

Egg Drop is an activity that helps in developing important character building qualities such as collaboration and Decision making. It helps children not just in school but in their college and work life as well. Such quality helps in building ethics, values and character in a child from the very beginning.

Marshmallow spaghetti tower: Marshmallow spaghetti tower helps in developing collaboration among fellow beings that helps in making a person insightful, teaches patience, team work, team effort, sense of care and responsibility among individuals.

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