How to encourage young kids to learn writing?

Children are always curious about new things. So whenever they come across new words, they might start wondering what they mean. Also, their writing skills can play an important role in nursery class admission. That’s why there’s no better time to encourage your children to comprehend letters and words.

However, it’s not an easy task for pre-schoolers and may require extra help to learn and master. Some children can adapt to writing right away, while others might need help to learn this skill. By getting them a quick head start, you can help your children develop their writing skills. 


As one of the top school in Greater Noida, we encourage pre-schoolers to learn writing by incorporating various proven methods. Here are a few ways that can help your children to develop and sharpen their writing skills.


Finger writing

At first, all children don’t have the strength and dexterity to grasp a pencil. That’s why you should try activities in which they get to play with their fingers. Writing with fingers requires them to make large arm movements which strengthen their arm and core. 


Writing lessons that involve their fingers can be quite fun and exciting for children. You can also try paint or sand trays to help them practice their writing.



The best way to introduce writing to your children is to make it relevant to them. And nothing is more relevant to them than their name. Start by pointing out the letters in their name in their surroundings. You can try “This poem starts with the same letter of your name.” 


For the next step, you can teach them to write their name on their belongings. With this, they get to make their mark which can become a fun way to practise writing.


Spelling tools

To inspire a love for writing in pre-schoolers, pre-nursery school in Greater Noida uses various tools and toys. If you’re working on their letter formation, letter blocks can help children with spellings and word formation. While they love playing with them, they also learn to spell words. 


Magnet letters are a good alternative if you don’t have letter blocks. While it’s a great way to practice writing, it also makes their hand strong so that movements become better. 


Alphabet book

If you want to teach your children the letters, these books are a great way to get them started in the right direction. It shows children all 26 letters of the alphabet and how they can draw them. Each page has a letter corresponding with a word and image that help children to make a correlation. 


You can have your child draw the letter using their finger or a pencil. These books also have an outline of the letters on which children can draw and form a letter. 



Reading is the first step to help kids in improving their writing skills. It expands your children’s vocabulary, introduces them to new words, and show them different ways of using them. It also enables them to use those words in their writing lessons.


For pre-schoolers, choose a reading material that interests them and make sure that you’re reading together.



Keeping a journal is a great way to encourage a love for writing in your children. It’s not a lesson so they won’t have to perfect and only have to express their thoughts. Not only will it help to express themselves more creatively but can also improve their writing skills. 


At the start, they will only make lines, circles or shapes, which are all a great sign of progress. It will not only improve their writing skills but can also ignite a passion for writing in them.


While developing writing skills requires lots of time and patience, you can put your child on the right path with these simple writing exercises. As one of the top school in Greater Noida, we associate writing with enjoyable experiences that encourage a lifelong passion for writing in children.

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