How to Enhance Your Children’s Learning At Home?

Children start learning from the moment they start to perceive their surroundings. Hence, learning has to be a continuous process that can cover every aspect of life. It does not always depend on schools and educational institutions. As children spend most of their time at home, it’s only logical to think they’ve more opportunities to learn at home. While the best school in Greater Noida West are still the most reliable source of learning, the home remains the first source of education for every child. But as the world is going through an unprecedented crisis, most schools have closed down for an indefinite time, and everyone has been advised to stay at home these days. Therefore, children are spending their time at home more than ever before. Hence, parents can take it as a blessing to actively take advantage of this time. They can use all this extra time to help their children learn more and overcome their areas of weakness in academics.

During this unregulated time, students have suddenly become responsible for their learning structure. They have to maintain consistency and manage and coordinate their studies without the necessary support from their teacher. Hence, you have to support your children’s learning at home to ensure their development through the school’s distance learning approach. A good home learning environment enables children to have positive attitudes towards learning and have more confidence in their skills. Hence, you have to create a home learning environment that covers everything you and your family do, including the spaces, to support their development and learning. It also includes the activities that require your children to play and interact with books, surroundings and daily experiences that can be utilized to enhance their learning or even help them prepare for 1st class admission.

As one of the best CBSE schools near me, we, at Cambridge School, has brought forth a few proven methods to continue the learning process for your kids at home while paying specific consideration to their areas of vulnerabilities:

Read to kids as much as you can.

Books are the best source of information for children as they are written to engage them throughout the story. So whenever you can take some time from your schedule, you can read a book to your children. You can also turn it into a healthy habit by reading at least one story to your kid every day before they go to bed at night. While children love fictional stories more, you can try to read out fictional books with inspirational stories or that can improve the moral value of the children. So even though your children are mostly staying indoors during this pandemic situation, you can keep them hooked to the learning process through the tales and folktales that ensure character building.

Incorporate lessons in their chores.

Children are always curious about new things and always eager to know how they work. Hence, you can utilize their never-ending curiosity to support their learning at home. There are various chores they can perform at home that will enhance their cognitive and emotional development. When you’re checking the calendar or preparing the grocery and vegetables, you can involve your kids. Let them keep the count and calculations of all the things while using their math skills. With these simple activities, they will hone their mathematical skills effectively and effortlessly. It’ll also make sure that they will not forget what they have learned so far.

Limit their screen-time.

While staying home, children spend most of their time watching TV or stay occupied with their gadgets. However, too much screen time can harm their eyesight and even halter their brain functioning. Hence, you have to limit your children’s screen time and encourage them to do some physical play during their day to stay active and agile. Also, encourage them to read books or do any other information-rich activity like puzzles during their spare time.

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