As parents, you always go to incredible lengths to make sure your child is safe. It’s in your instinct to protect your little one from all the problems and harms they can experience in the outside world. But one thing that’s equally important is to prepare them for any uncomfortable situations or unwanted advances they may face in the world. Hence, you have to make your child aware of Good Touch and Bad Touch. It is an important thing to teach children from a young age to ensure their safety and well-being. As one of the Top School in Greater Noida, we have specialized lessons and programs that make them aware of the outside dangers and set them on a path to become responsible adults.

The discussion holds utmost importance in the current scenarios where cases of child maltreatment are at their peak. These incidents can negatively affect their life and influence their nature, personality and emotional state for the worse. Hence, all pre-nursery schools in greater Noida are teaching their pupils how to be safe from the grassroots level nowadays. But many parents are still not sure how to approach their kids with this topic. For those parents, we suggest you take it slow and not rush things. Instead, you have to make it seem like a life lesson rather than mere words to which they need to listen to. Here are the points you need to focus on while highlighting the difference between good touch and bad touch.

  • You are the owner of your body.

Try to talk about body safety in a simple way your children can understand. You have to tell them that they have the sole ownership of their body. They have to realise that it’s their body and they are the boss of it. Hence, they’re going to be the ones who set the boundaries.

  • Use of Proper words

You have to teach your children to identify the names and function of their body parts so they can learn the correct way to discuss them. You also have to teach them the proper scientific words instead of made-up names for these parts. In turn, it would help to boost their confidence and help them communicate more comfortably.

  • Distinguish Between touch

Leading child psychologists have categorized three types of touch that every child should learn to identify on their own. The first is a good touch in the form of a hug from family members or anything that embodies the gesture of pure love from a known person. The second one is the Ok-Ok touch. It’s not a bad touch and is often performed within a limit. It may include a handshake from a friend or a high-five after a game. And then comes the third one, which is a Bad touch. It is a touch that makes the child uncomfortable and instigates feelings of Sadness, Angry, fear.

  • Don’t force any action.

Children need positive reinforcement and encouragement to learn new things. Hence, we suggest that you try avoiding any type of forced touch or action which your child feels uncomfortable with, whether it be the way they meet and greet any person in any way they are comfortable, this would help in gaining ownership over their body.

It is a small lesson to teach, but the impact is massive. Hence, parents have to find ways to become friends with their children and let them become comfortable with you. In the meantime, you can enrol your ward in any reputed pre-nursery school in greater Noida, which teaches them many life skills which helps them to become the role models of the society they would serve.

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