How to Help Your Child Develop Self-Confidence

Many parents want to raise their kids with self-confidence, which not only helps them survive but thrive. And while the focus is primarily on ‘self’, parents play an essential role in how a children develop competence and a strong sense of self which is crucial for their mental and psychological well-being.

As a parent, you should know how to encourage your child and stay clued in on what to say when children ask you for guidance. This approach can mean the difference between a child who believes in himself/herself and one that regularly doubts his/her abilities.

Here are some general guidelines from the best school in Greater Noida West you can follow to help your child develop self-confidence.

Make Regular Deposits in their Self-Esteem Bank

If you think that self-confidence and self-esteem are the same things, then you are wrong! When you make a deposit of care in your child’s self-esteem bank, you show your love and concern for them regardless of their behaviour. For instance, you may be praising them or giving compliments for something they’ve created or accomplished.

A child develops his/her self-esteem and feeling of self-appreciation when you show to your child that you will love and appreciate him/her. When these feelings are intact, it will be easier for your child to explore new opportunities and embrace the unknown with confidence, thereby increasing their self-confidence and a willingness to trust their abilities.

Make Time for Play

Young children generally learn during play. As kids’ parents, you are their first “playmate,” which means you are also the first person to help them develop a strong sense of self. You have to participate in their games, spend time together with them by just reading books where they feel valuable and worthy of your time. In this manner, your child will feel valued and supported.

Pay Attention to How Often You Praise

Children usually look up to their parents for acceptance. In fact, praise and positive feedback are often two of the most common ways which kids use to measure their self-worth. This is the reason that you should be realistic in your praise.

The pre-nursery school in Greater Noida suggests that you should praise your child when they make an effort or attempt something new, but refrain from giving unwarranted praise. Children who receive constant praise gradually lose the motivation to push their limits and go beyond what is expected of them. Whereas, children who are appreciated for enduring trials and errors often acquire long-lasting confidence that will carry them into adulthood.

Wait Before You Offer Help

Over time, kids learn skills for managing themselves and overcome the obstacles that come their way. Parents should give them the space to try things on their own before offering help. When parents jump in and rescue the child, it will only hinder his/her ability to care for himself/herself. Children should learn to problem-solve independently to be better equipped to handle issues and deal with anxiety in a healthy manner.

Embrace Risk-Taking

Teach your children that mistakes are bound to happen, and failure is a part of life. When they suffer a setback, offer them your unconditional support by listening and providing encouragement. Children should learn that it’s never too late to try again if they face failures. Afterall, the effort is infinitely more valuable than the outcome.

Check Your Confidence

If you want to help your child develop his confidence, you should first check yours. Children usually imitate their parents, so parents should be conscious of how they handle their own problems.

One of top 10 CBSE schools in Greater Noida, CSGN creates an environment that allows your children to feel safe and loved, where they may be more willing to take risks, make mistakes, and learn on their own, thereby enhancing their confidence.

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