How to help your kid deal with exam anxiety?

In the best CBSE school in greater Noida, exams are a rite of passage that every student have to go through once a year. Exams results have become a benchmark that goes on to define a person forever. And that’s not all! Exams season in India has become a cultural phenomenon. No pressure. Huh!

During exams, the entire neighbourhood goes silent as all children are busy discussing notes, doing revisions instead of playing. But all this pressure can sometimes become too much for little ones and can cause anxiety. While anxiety is mostly associated with adults, it has become common in children too.

As unbelievable as it might seem, we cannot deny the fact that it’s a serious threat, and even the top school in greater Noida agrees with it. Exam anxiety is caused by abnormal pressure and fear of not performing well in exams or admission tests. As a result, kids can get easily overwhelmed by their emotions.

This much anxiety can affect the mental and physical health of any child. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate some of that stress. Here are some strategies parents can implement to help their children cope with exam anxiety:

  • Make sure they get enough sleep.

During exam time, many children sacrifice their sleep to study sessions. But when children don’t get enough sleep, it can affect their mental state along with physical health. Not only could they lose focus, but they can also experience more anxiety than usual.

Hence, getting enough sleep is highly important, especially during exam season. It helps the mind and body to function more efficiently during the day. According to child psychologists, children need 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night.

  • Take care of their needs.

When it comes to exams, children often tend to forget about their essential needs, such as food. Food is the fuel that keeps their mind and body functional. Hence, keeping them well-fed becomes more important during exam times.

While sugary treats are the favourite of kids, they don’t provide them with essential nutrients and spike their blood sugar. That’s why multi-grain foods are an excellent choice for the breakfast of champions. It can keep them energized for the day and also improve their memory and concentration.

  • Help them out.

A little help can go long way when it comes to tackling exam anxiety. You can work together with your children to find the best strategies. It will not only reduce stress but also help them study effectively. You can also use online mock tests to make them feel comfortable with the test format.

While you’re helping them prepare for the test, don’t push them too much. Or else, it will defeat its whole purpose. Try to help sincerely and remember to keep your child’s needs first and help them do their best.

  • Make strategies with your child.

A good strategy lever lets anyone down, so it would be a good idea to benefit from test-taking strategies. During the exam, tell them to focus on what they know during the start to have more time for complex problems.

Many teachers recommend students practise breathing techniques before an exam, which can help a child calm down and be more relaxed. Also, tell them to read all instructions carefully, and if they have some tie left, they can double-check answers to feel more confident during their exams.

Managing child anxiety means all hands on deck. Try to become whatever your child needs you to be, whether it’s a friend, a teacher, a leader or even a cheerleader. Also, maintain a healthy and optimistic environment at home, so they are likely to feel more in control when they show up to take an exam or a test for nursery admission in Greater Noida.

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