How to meaningfully engage your child at home?

Current times have given children a unique opportunity to spend their time at home. All their favourite activities now have to be done inside, including play, sports and even learning. While the best schools in Greater Noida West have transitioned easily to online learning, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the parents so far.

Now that children spend all of their time at home, Children feel there is not much they can do apart from playing with gadgets. Most parents are also struggling to find meaningful activities which can also keep them engaged. Therefore, they’re constantly on the lookout to balance their screen time and get them involved in different activities.

Many parents are also preparing their child for admission in the top 10 schools in Greater Noida,which is why we have compiled the best ways to utilize your children time in a meaningful manner. Here are some interesting activities you can try to keep your child engaged at home and away from screens and gadgets:

  • Try art and craft

Art and craft activities are the best way to keep your children engaged while nurturing creativity. It can also help them develop focus and improve hand-eye coordination, identify shapes and colours, and so much more. While art projects can keep your kids occupied for hours, it has to be an independent activity.

Therefore, make sure children should be able to do most of the work. You can provide your child with age-appropriate art and craft materials and encourage them to express themselves creatively. For the younger kids, it might be as simple as colouring or doodling.

  • Get them to read

Getting your child hooked on books can be a blessing in disguise. Not only it can fuel your child’s imagination but help to improve their vocabulary, comprehension, and even writing skills. And once they get drawn into a book, it can keep her engaged for hours.

Therefore, you should try to develop a reading habit in your child’s formative years. To get them going, you can choose books that will interest them the most and read to them. Try to make reading a daily habit, a bedtime ritual, or an evening routine. With time, it helps them develop a reading habit and prepare for school admissions 2021.

  • Let them help with chores

Due to their empathy and curiosity, children are always up to help out the adults. And you must encourage their behaviour as it can help them become more independent and self-confident. On the plus side, you also get them to help with the daily chores, such as cooking!

While cooking, they can help with washing vegetables, and during laundry, they can pitch in to fold the clothes. When your child helps with the chores, he is learning essential life skills. However, don’t expect him to do it the right way and appreciate their efforts to boost confidence.

  • Plant a garden

Meaningful activities can also mean creating something, taking responsibility and witnessing the fruition of your hard work. And planting a garden is one such activity that can teach children all of the above. Hence, encourage your children to experience the joy and the life lessons of gardening.

If you both are a beginner, don’t just go out and purchase the seeds because it will take more time and skills to start from scratch. You could begin with plant pots or a small garden on the roof or the balcony. Then you can move on to preparing the soil, planting the seed, and regular watering to witness the joy of watching the sapling sprout and grow into a plant. Not only it brings immense satisfaction and joy to your kids but also teaches them the importance of hard work.

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