How to Teach Children Good Etiquette and Manners

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, it is crucial to teach your children manners. As parents, we have to help our kids develop good social skills to interact politely with people and treat others with respect.

The top CBSE school in Greater Noida presents some great ways parents can teach their children good manners. These are some of the few manners all kids should know.

Teach your kids how to say “Please” and “Thank you.” 

These basic habits are some of the cardinal foundations of good manners. As kids get older, you can encourage your child to write thank-you notes, preferably with pen and paper. Children should also be taught to say thank you to people who assist or serve them, such as waiters in restaurants or helpers in daily life. Also, teach your child to learn the phrases such as “May I,” “Fine, thank you; and, how are you?”

Practice greeting people properly. 

One of the essential skills as a parent to teach your child is to show how they should greet people properly. Ask your child to look people in the eye, face them directly and shake their hands when meeting them. If you wanted to teach your child these skills, you should practice and go over them with the help of role-playing.

Teach them how to answer the telephone

When your child is answering the telephone, teach your child to say,” May I know whom I’m talking to, please?” instead of saying, “Who is this?” Also, please remind your child that they should never scream across the house for you but instead should walk over to you to tell you that you have a phone call. If you are not present at the moment, teach your child to say something like, “Would you like me to take a message please?” Ask the child to jot down information and repeat it back to the caller.

Emphasize cell phone etiquette 

If you have provided your child with a cell phone, be sure to convey the message that it will not be brought to the dining table. You can place timing restrictions on your child’s usage of a cell phone in the house.

How to always speak politely

This means that the child should not use rude remarks such as “Shut up,” or speak in an unfriendly tone of voice, even when they are quarrelling or disagreeing with someone.

Get your child into the habit of waiting for their turn to speak.  

This is generally something that younger kids have trouble with. Usually, kids want to express their thoughts as soon as something occurs to them. Young kids are also naturally self-centred, and therefore, they need constant reminders to wait until someone has finished speaking before interrupting. To help kids learn this habit, you can try using a visual reminder, such as using a talking stick. You can use a talking stick while practicing where everyone only talks when they are holding the stick.

Teach them the importance of empathy 

Please help your child observe those who might be in need or struggling with something in their life. Teach them to notice things beyond their own needs and think about how they can assist someone who might need a helping hand. The best school in Greater Noida teaches students the importance of empathy and compassion.

Emphasize the importance of being gracious during a competition 

Teach your child how to win and lose graciously. Children have to learn good sportsmanship manners, which will be a vital skill later in life when working with others on teamwork projects and other endeavours at home.

Instil good table manners in your child 

Your child should have a good handle on basic table manners, either for an ordinary family dinner or a big holiday meal at a restaurant. Basic good manners include chewing with your mouth closed and waiting to eat until everyone has been served. As your children become older, they can also help you set clear the table and carry on a pleasant dinner conversation.

 Set a good example 

You are a role model for your child, where they learn by watching you, so really take a good look at your own behaviour. Do you say please when you need a favour? Do you speak respectfully to your children and others around you? You must evaluate your own manners and conduct and make some modifications if necessary, so that your child can use you as a role model to follow.

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