How to teach kindness to children?

Nowadays, kindness has become an uncommon practice. However, it’s one of the few things that set great humans apart from the rest of the world. Even the best school in Greater Noida west want their students to be kind and compassionate. Luckily, kindness is a quality that we can teach our children right from the start.

Most children pick up new behaviour from the adults around them. It gives parents a unique opportunity to teach them by example. While kids are naturally kind and empathetic for others, they also need our encouragement to turn it into a lifetime habit. Hence, parents need to plant the seed of kindness in children along with the best CBSE schools near me.

Parents can incorporate various activities into their daily routines and nurture kindness in kids. Here’s how you can do it:

Reassess yourself:

Children always look up to their parents, which is why you need to reassess the whole dynamic with your children. Suppose if you tease and make fun of someone, they might see it as a common practice and might replicate it with someone else. Hence, you have to be careful of what you say and do in front of your kids as it may end up doing more harm than good.

Show them how it’s done:

In today’s age, most good deeds are done for praise and attraction on the internet. Hence, children need to learn that kindness doesn’t always require ulterior motives. You have to show them that good deeds can be done out of kindness too. As kids are eager to copy our behaviour, you should model kindness everywhere you go and let them witness it.

Teach them kind thoughts:

Most parents believe that their child is too young to learn kindness and learn it on their own with time. However, children are natural learners and pick up new skills quite early during childhood. Therefore, you can start by teaching simple things to them, such as asking or wishing for well-being for others. Teach them to care for other well-beings and send kind thoughts to them. It will help them develop a habit of thinking kind thoughts and genuinely care for others.

Read to them stories of kindness:

Children love stories and give their full attention during story time. They’re a highly impactful and influential practice to teach them without direct teaching. So the best way to teach them the importance of kindness through stories. You can choose books and stories that invoke their imaginations, have kindness themes and offer kind role models.

Teach them the power of words:

Sometimes words can be cruel and can hurt someone’s feelings, no matter the intention. Therefore, you must teach your child to say only positive things that will make someone feel good. And if they can’t think of anything positive, tell them to refrain from saying anything negative. Instead, teach them to think of something positive, such as offering encouragement and praise their efforts.

Help them use kind words:

Even for 1st class admission, students require to have good manners and basic etiquette. Therefore, teaching kindness is a key part of their academic development. You have to model the behaviour you want to see in your child. Try to be nicer while interacting with others in front of your children. Also, teach them to ask for permission, respect their peers and say “Thank you” and “Please” more often.

While kindness and compassion sometimes take a lifetime to master, an early start will go a long way. It will not only lift your child and the others around them, but it will also help them grow to be a happy and loving person. And when they grow up, children will remember these lessons and re-enact everything they’ve learnt.

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