How to Teach Time Management To Your Kids?

Time is something that holds a significant place in our universe and even in our lives. And ones who know and understand the importance of time get to achieve success sooner than later. It’s an essential skill that can help us prioritize tasks and correctly judge the time needed to perform them. But it’s more crucial for children as it helps them complete activities in a timely fashion and stick to a schedule without getting overwhelmed. For children, time Management often involves monitoring efforts and actions by adults. That’s why the Top CBSE school in greater Noida helps them become aware of time management with timetables and class schedules. When they have a proper sense of urgency to complete tasks, they can efficiently follow step-by-step procedures.


But children who struggle with Time Management skills are familiar with frequently missing the bus, procrastinating when it comes to homework, and needing to rush through when the due date comes near. Hence, for students, their best friend is not their companion from school, but it’s TIME. While some children make the most of their time, others get scolded by their parents for not coming home on time or missing the due date. It isn’t that you have less time and others have more, or time flows faster for you. Time waits for no one and all your problems could have been avoided if you were aware of Time Management.


The top 10 schools of greater Noida can help your children comprehend the concept and even help them manage time better through interactive lessons. But the time they spend at home also has to be optimized by you. When children complete household duties or chores in a timely fashion and get ready and out the door on time in the morning, they become good with their Time Management skills. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you teach time management to your kids.


  1. Time Table

Most of us underestimate the power of a simple timetable, but it’s the biggest tool in our arsenal to implement time management. While it seems like a table made of time slots and chores, it makes their daily task and responsibilities clearer. Other perks of the time table include keeping a chart of their work and tracking their progress.


Set achievable goals and prioritize your tasks.

If they’ve got too much to do, no amount of time management will help them accomplish it all. Now that you’ve helped them create a timesheet, they’ll know what they need to do for managing time or if they’ve got too much on their plate.

  1. Power Of Sunday

Rather than napping and chilling the whole day on Sunday, they can take out 30 mins to plan their week and set goals for themselves. When they achieve success and keep track of their progress, they would feel proud and motivated to continue this cycle. That’s why the top nursery school in greater Noida teach time management to children from a young age.


  1. Prioritizing Tasks

For most people, the first few hours are the most productive. It’s because we focus better when our brain isn’t exhausted. Hence, you have to teach your kids to do the difficult task first and the easy ones last. So when they get tired, all that is left is easy work which takes little effort rather than wasting your precious energy on easy tasks by doing them first.

  1. Use 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 rule states that 80% of an outcome generally came from only 20% of its inputs. Hence, you can take advantage of this knowledge and find out what that activity is a part of that 20 per cent. And if your kids are unsure of what activities are in their 20%, they can do a time audit or use a time tracking tool to find out.

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