Things to keep in mind when you teach a toddler or preschooler

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Preschoolers or toddlers are very active, restless and they have a constant urge to move all the time. Taking care of them is a huge responsibility for both parents and teachers. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them busy with some activity. But along with keeping them busy imparting knowledge is another huge aspect that should be taken care of.

The transition from baby to toddler occurs so fast that the parents don’t even realize it. It is necessary to take care of their learning in these years. Some of the children are unable to talk when they are 2 years old. In that case, parents should not confine them at home and think that they are not ready to go to a playschool or preschool. Firstly, parents should try to talk to them as much as possible. Some parents are unable to spend much time with their children due to working arrangements. In such cases, no one is there to actually spend some quality time with the child or talk to them. At this age, they need more caring. Talking to children helps their cognitive skills to build. Further, parents should let their children interact with other children, and sending them to a preschool for few hours is a good idea. Studies suggest that when they are surrounded by children, they learn and grow at a faster rate. The top schools in Greater Noida provide assistive learning that helps the student to develop motor and cognitive skills.

Emotions are at their peak in kids at this age. Channelizing their emotions is another big challenge for both parents and teachers. Preschoolers should be kept busy in activities, group projects, music, dancing, and sports. Further, it is important to make them realize that all kids are equal and deserve respect. We should try to calm their aggression towards one another by making them understand the importance of friendship and try to inculcate good ethics and behavioral skill in them. All the best school in Greater Noida, focuses on ethics, good behavior, and moral values in their classes.

Making children independent is another aspect that should be taken care of. We should encourage children to do their tasks themselves. Such motivation helps them to build confidence, motor development, and cognitive development. For instance, when they change their clothes they use their brain as well as arms and legs, they try to figure out the proper mechanism. When they are unable to do it, one can help them a little but still encourage them to do it independently.

Rewarding children when they do something right is another way to motivate them and inspire them. This is also called positive reinforcement. In this, rewarding the child on good behavior motivates them to continue it. When they repeatedly do something, again and again, it becomes a habit that stays with them forever.

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