How to teach your children to become problem solvers?

Our world is full of problems, which is why we have become more problem-oriented rather than solution-oriented. But like us, kids also face many problems on a day-to-day basis, like how to fix a toy-related problem, solve a math equation or deal with negative peer pressure. Hence, most parents have to step in and help them deal with these situations.

But it’s setting a bad precedent for our kids, and we need to change that. Kids of all ages are regularly facing these daily challenges, and their parents can’t be available at all times to solve their problems. While parenting is all about raising your kids in the best way possible, it also requires us to be strategic and understanding.

Hence, we need to instil problem-solving skills in our kids so they can overcome these obstacles themselves. Even the best school in greater Noida west stated that kids who can deal with their problems become responsible, confident and independent individuals.

Why are problem-solving skills essential in kids?

Problem-solving is a fundamental element of a child’s learning capacity as it allows them to make mistakes and teach them how to move forward. But kids who lack in the problem-solving department avoid taking action. They tend to put their energy into avoiding the issue rather than solving the problem. Hence, most of them fall behind in their studies or struggle to sustain good grades in the best CBSE schools near me.

But if kids have a grip on their problem-solving skills, no obstacle would be too difficult to overcome. That’s why parents need to raise their kids in such a way that they grow into efficient problem-solvers. But it doesn’t require anything extraordinary, but rather a responsive, acceptive and encouraging environment to foster your child’s problem-solving ability.

Here are some of the tips that will help you instil the crucial quality of problem-solving in your kids:

Do not pamper your child

While a sense of protectiveness is natural and normal for every parent, it should never become a protective bubble that stops them from making mistakes and learning. Hence, refrain from engulfing the individual space of your children, or else they will grow dependent on you for even the slightest of issues and problems. Instead, you can give your child some alone time and enough space. It allows them to explore, perceive, and analyze things on their own and make them ready for future life.

Show support to your child

Parents’ support can enable children to achieve great things. So when your child comes across a problem or trouble, don’t just jump to help out or watch from the sidelines. Instead, you can show your support in your child by suggesting to them they could do it. You can also direct them in the right direction so they can find ways to get out of the problem. But make sure to let the child choose their way. It will also help the kids to find the most reasonable solutions when multiple choices are available.

Engage the child in creatively

Playful learning is the best way to have the undivided attention of a child. So if you are looking to give an important lesson to make your kid learn problem-solving, try to give them in the forms of creative games. These games demand imagination and creativity, which fuels the problem-solving process. It also allows your child to engage and memorise the lesson better games. So they can use these games to overcome many challenges, both academically and in real life.

Show them respect

Self-esteem helps kids to learn and comprehend their importance and role in the world. So when you show respect to their efforts, it boosts their confidence and encourages them to use their problem-solving skills more. Hence, you can ask your child for an opinion about as many problems as you can. It not only enables them to come up with solutions but also helps them get familiarized with many real-life problems.

We, at Cambridge School, have always worked towards the holistic development of our students, and the skill of problem-solving is one of the most crucial elements of their overall growth. That’s why we ensure that every child receives more than just textbook education and starts grooming them into a problem-solver from 1st class admission.

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