How to turn homework into a fun activity?

Fun Activity

Even when students get home from one of the top 10 schools in Greater Noida, homework is the last thing on their mind. Most children find their homework to be a tedious task. But now children are spending most of their time at home, most of them are trying their best to skip their homework.

From playing all day at home to sitting still for hours is a tough transition for kids. So whenever someone mentions the word homework, children start to roll their eyes and make excuses to get out of it. Therefore, the best schools in Greater Noida West are using interactive learning methods that encourage their students to finish their homework on their own.

But for most parents, getting their children to finish homework is a challenge. No matter how much you plead and scold your children, all your efforts are in vain if they find it frustrating and tiresome. While it is difficult to make your children understand the importance of completing their work on time, some methods can make it easy for you. The best way to make your children sit and do their study willingly is by turning it into a fun activity.

There are various ways that can make this activity more fun and ensure your kids won’t have to be goaded into completing their homework. So if you want to take a fresh approach that excites your children to learn and secure a spot in school admissions 2021, you must follow these easy tips:

Try not to scold the child.

When you reprimand your kids, they end up despising the activity that has got them into it. Hence, continuous scolding and pestering to finish the homework only end up making the child lose interest. And if they do complete it, they do it in a hurry and half-heartedly, which defeats the whole purpose of homework.

Therefore, it’s better to keep them engaged in their work by continuously interacting with them. When you support your children instead of scolding them, they will give their best to finish it. If your child prefers to do the homework in their room, you can still check up on them at regular intervals to see if they need some help or a break from work.

Use a schedule/timer.

Procrastination is real, and even the children do it. So when kids have a lot on their hand, they find it hard to manage it all on their own. When children come home from a long day at school, most kids procrastinate and find it hard to start their homework.

That’s why you should help them make a fixed schedule. And the best way to keep them on schedule and avoid being late is to use a timer. You can also use a colourful as children love having their little things, and a fun timer might motivate them to follow the schedule. You can set the timer for an hour, which is more than enough to finish their homework. So place it on their desk, set the time and let the work!

Encourage them with rewards.

According to the top schools in greater Noida, rewarding good behaviour is the best way to encourage children to do good. And you can follow the same approach to ensure they develop a habit of finishing their homework on time. You can set up a reward system as a positive reinforcement, which helps make study seem more like a game than a chore. You can also set up a chart to track their progress with inputs from your child. Don’t forget to match each goal with a reward, which will motivate your children to look forward and earn it.

For example, whenever they complete their homework on time, reward them and place a star on the chart to celebrate their accomplishment. You can also let your child choose their reward as a bonus if they finish the work correctly and on time. However, make sure your kids understand the greater goal of homework so they won’t see studies as a means to earn rewards.

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