Importance Of Teaching Life Skills to Your Teens

After children’s formative years, their teenage years are the most crucial time for various reasons. During this period, most of their time and efforts goes into getting good grades in school or preparing to secure a seat in a top college or schools. Hence, it’s easy for teens to overlook certain aspects of life skills they should be developing to last them a lifetime, not just to get them into the top 10 schools in greater Noida.

However, most teens usually think about socializing with friends and having a good time when they’re not studying. Therefore, developing their life skills is presumably the last thing on their to-do list. But these life skills come in handy if they want to lead a successful and healthy life. While teens have to face new challenges every day in adulthood, essential skills like travelling, cooking and managing money are not part of a curriculum in most schools.

As one of the best schools in Greater Noida west, we believe that years spent in high school should prepare teens to become upstanding citizens and great human beings. We focus on each student individually so they can become independent, productive members of society who can survive and thrive on their own. While their high schooling can help teens learn some of these life skills and abilities, it’s not enough to transform them into the thriving adults they should become.

Preparing for adulthood has never been easy because they have no idea what their future holds. But as a teen, they’ll soon be making decisions that will set the course for the rest of their life. Hence, it is imperative to start thinking about what the future holds for you. For some, it could mean reaching top ranks and achieving high recognition in their chosen school admissions 2021. For others, it could mean more struggle in landing a job or being independent. Hence, parents have to step up and take this time to help teens develop these essential skills.

We have compiled some basic life skills that your children should develop sooner rather than later. Below are the several key traits and skills you should start teaching them and how you can find opportunities in their life to help hone each valuable trait:

Decision Making Skills:

Decision making is a simple yet necessary business skill. It involves taking in information to assess the situation and make the best decision based on the information at hand. Every adult has to enter the business world in one way or another. Whether they’re an employee, an employer, or a bureaucrat, they have to make various types of decisions daily. Hence, it would be helpful for teens to cultivate these valuable skills early on in their life. The more of a business mindset they have, the better off they’ll be. So when they land their first job or internship, they’ll be able to do well on their own.

If you want your children to develop this skill, start encouraging them to participate in debate teams or pursue games like Monopoly, in which they plan, build, and launch their own business. Indulge them in activities that require them to use their logical thinking and reasoning and problem-solving and analytical skills to make decisions. When your children regularly participate in these activities, they get to hone their decision-making skills and have a clear vision for their future.

Finance Management Skills

Money problems have been the root cause of various other adult problems. These problems can become grave fast and leave anyone on the wrong side of the law. Hence, managing money is one life lesson that every teen should learn sooner rather than later. Parents should teach their children about finance management if they don’t want their children to get into trouble when they become self-independent.

You can provide your teens with an allowance, so they get to manage it by themselves. But first, we recommend you take some time and show them how you handle your household income, spending and savings. When they see the sacrifice you have to make to stay within budget, they’ll understand the value of money. Also, make sure your teens know the risks of credit card and loans and the significance of saving and investing. When you have these open and honest conversations about money, you’ll encourage your teens to develop financial skills and be smart with their spending.

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