How to teach language skills to students


Development of Language is very important for a child. The early they understand the language the more fluent they get with it. Language plays one of the most important parts of a child’s life.  It is required firstly, for communication and then for social and academic success. It is required for day-to-day interaction, understanding, and processing information.  Language is the basic medium by which a person is able to express himself.  Suppose, if a person is not familiar with the language, in that case, making oneself understand would become a huge task, the person won’t be able to make himself understand even minutely to the other person. It is necessary that we learn the language so as to complete the basic need of communication.

Children are very smart and have an IQ greater than an adult in their growing years. They have to learn a lot of things such as reading, writing, speaking, walking and a lot more things in these few years. So, whatever we want our child to learn we should try to inculcate that in their growing years itself. They pick things fast and then it stays with them in the longer run. Parents often search for nursery class admission long before when they are just toddlers, as they understand the struggle to get the right school for their kids.

Engage in interaction

Encourage them to talk as much they can. The more they talk, their cognitive skills improve. This helps in building language at a very early age. Further, talk to them in English along with the mother tongue at home. When children begin to speak, one should start inculcating language skills in them.

Encourage listening skills

One should ensure that children listen to a lot of poems and storybooks when they are toddlers.  Read to them while they are small. When to listen to you they learn in the meantime, the process is slow but eventually, they learn and are able to read as well since they are able to recognize the words. 

Make a reading routine

When children make reading a part of their daily routine then they get familiar with the language.  They get fluent when they regularly practice it. Therefore, we should make sure that our children follow their routines.    


Practice is a tool that has worked wonders for one does that industriously. Mostly, children get overconfident very fast. If they understand a topic then they usually assume that they know it all and hence stop reading it again. This makes them lose their hold on the topic. Practice is the key to success.


Introduce them to grammar

To learn any language it is necessary that you have a stronghold over the grammar of that language.  Grammar helps to increase the efficacy and fluency in the language. Without knowing grammar a language is like music without melody. So, one must find the true essence of a language by knowing it as a whole.

Introduce them to vocabulary

Another aspect to learn a language is to learn vocabulary. One cannot learn a language without learning its vocabulary. People with good vocabulary always leave a good impression on other people not only in class but at colleges, business meetings as well.

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