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The Nationwide lockdown that began at the end of March this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  caused a major disruption in the schedule of our entire country. Our students too were affected with the closure of schools just before the new session was to commence. In order to provide a sense of continuity and stability to them during these unprecedented times, the team at Cambridge School Greater Noida left no stone unturned in exploring new avenues of learning. The school faculty and the management worked around the clock to ensure smooth transition from classroom teaching to interactive online sessions with the support of technology which have been running successfully over the past two months. Their hard work and dedication has been greatly appreciated by our parent community who have shared their feedback via emails and whatsapp messages.

We are happy to share this feedback through our “Parent Speak” platform. 

Feedback from our Parent Community

Parent Speak

I want to thank all the teachers of Cambridge School Greater Noida, for the hard work they have put in for the online sessions, explaining everything in a detailed manner each day. Even the assignments are easy to understand for the children. A big thank you to all of them.

Vandan Chopra, Mother of Yadavi Chopra (Class IIB)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for the efforts they are putting together to teach our children. Preparing lessons, making kids learn through fun, all this through distance learning. It is very difficult to teach such small kids online. However you all are making sure that each kid gets proper attention and the learning is smooth.
I really appreciate the fact that focus is not just on finishing the syllabus but also ensuring that each kid is learning properly. The kids are also enjoying the co-curricular activities which are taking place along with the main subjects. It makes them look forward for the classes.
You all are also making sure that kids do eye exercises during the class to reduce the stress. It is really commendable.
It is indeed a very difficult time for all of us but the teachers are making sure that learning doesn’t stop.
Once again thank you to all the teachers who are helping my child learn today and everyday.  A special thanks to Geeta mam for always being available whenever I need her help. She has always made sure my queries are answered. I also love the way she conducts the class.

Bhawna Kapoor, Mother of Prankit Kapoor (Prep)

We  thank all the teachers  for putting such  immense effort into the online sessions. Adhvika has been able to adjust well, thanks to the patience of her teachers. The faculty has been making sure every child is comfortable with the technology and receives their complete attention. It really is a commendable effort by all of them. I personally feel very satisfied and happy with the online sessions because


Nivedita Thakur, Mother of Adhvika Thakur (Class IA)

Adhvika Thakur _IA ( Nivedita and Prashant Thakur)

I would like to express my appreciation towards all the teachers of Cambridge School Greater Noida for the commendable job they are doing with the ‘Online Classes’. It truly is a new adventure for both the students and their teachers. Amid social distancing and stay home orders, teachers have turned out to be the real superheroes for our children.

Preparing lessons, imparting the best of learning and at the same time maintaining discipline by keeping them engaged with various activities, all this without being physically present, calls for the highest appreciation. The presentations are well drafted, and every small point has been covered to ensure that the complete concept is clearly understood by children. I am incredibly grateful to all the teachers and special thanks to Madhuri ma’am. Thank you so much !

Kanika Kundra, Mother of Pransh Kundra (Class IIIB)

4 Pransh Kundra class iii B (Kanika Kundra)

Hi, I would like to say a big thank you to each and every teacher at Cambridge School for ensuring that our children’s studies have not been impacted because of the lockdown. It was overwhelming  to see how quickly and efficiently the new way of learning was adopted by the school and not only this, the entire parent community was also made comfortable. During the online sessions each and every student was given a chance to speak and express themselves,and more importantly the all feedback was handled positively.

Once again thank you.

Amit Chawala and Deepti Chawala, Parents of Preet chawala (Class II B )

1 Preet chawala _IIB (Amit Chawala and Deepti Chawala)

We are new to Cambridge school and so far we appreciate the great patience shown by the teachers when dealing with the children at this time. We know that this transition to online classes has been a challenge for all the teachers but they have exceeded all expectations. Whether it is ensuring that no child is left unattended to sending reminders to the parents, they have been completely hands-on in the virtual sense. Our special thanks to Naziama’am, Monica ma’am, Jasdeep ma’am, Anju ma’am and Shilpa ma’am. 


Shailley Malhotra, Mother of Mirhaan Malhotra (Class III B)

3 Mirhaan Malhotra 3B (Shailly Malhotra)

Though these online classes were  unplanned and unaccounted for you all have executed them  so well. My child is always excited about these online sessions. As parents, this has given us the opportunity to experience and see what our children are learning through these interactive sessions. We all are very happy and thankful for the stupendous amount of effort put in to mitigate the challenges during the lockdown. 


Ashish Rai, Father of Atharv Rai (Class IIIB)

Atharv Rai (Ashish Rai & Tarushri Rai)
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