How does personality development help a child?

Personality Development

Personality Development is a lifelong process that takes time to build. It cannot be achieved overnight and requires years of practice. It is necessary that we help develop their personality right from the beginning of their childhood. The personality that develops from a very early age lasts forever.  Therefore, it is necessary that we inculcate good habits, behavior, and ethics in our children right when they are toddlers. Further, family plays an integral role in personality development; the way we treat our family members is a part of our personality and children observe whatever we do. Children pick up things from the home, whatever they see in their surroundings they try to copy it. Therefore, if we want our kids to respect others they should see us respecting everyone at home.

In modern homes, parents hardly have any time to spend with their children, especially when both the parents are working. In that case, the child either stays with a caregiver or at daycare. In such cases, the child learns the habits their caregivers have or what they see at a daycare. Not all the things practiced by them are good for the child or according to your expectations. It is seen that when children spend more time with nannies they start speaking their language and show traits of their personality rather than parents’. Therefore, it is necessary that parents spend more time with their children and observe every habit of their child and intervene whenever necessary. Top schools in Greater Noida gives special attention to children and help them in personality development as it plays a huge part in the overall development of a child.

Children are like clay and they are capable of taking any shape that we want them to take. It is necessary that we inculcate good habits like good behavior, ethics, and morals in children so that they can develop a personality while they are small. Here are some things one can practice in order to develop personality

Do not label your child: Parents must not label their child as naughty, rude, arrogant or by any other hateful name. Giving them labels destroy their image in front of others and hampers their self-confidence badly. As a result, they become repulsive and disrespectful.

Do not compare: Parents have a very bad habit of comparing their children with others or in some cases with themselves. They should not compare their child with anyone at all, as it brings negativity and makes them rebellious. It shatters self-trust and brings humiliation and promotes hatred. Such a thing hampers personality development in a child.

Understand them: It is necessary that we understand the emotional needs of our child. Children mostly do not share what they actually think. Therefore, it is necessary that we create a loving and nurturing atmosphere that helps them to grow as an individual. Often, their angry behavior is about some emotional need that they have been suppressing or a problem that they face and are unable to tackle. It is necessary that we share a bond with our children so that they never hesitate to talk about anything and comes to you for guidance.

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