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Good Student

Children represent our future and they are the basis of our economy. Each of them is different with their different hobbies, passion and skills. We can never differentiate among them based on their grades as each child is unique in their own way and contributes in the society in a different manner. But whatever their area of interest is but there is one thing common among them. The qualities, the passion, the dedication and confidence they carry, are their assets that make them stand out from the rest. There are a certain group of qualities in a student that helps them to achieve their goals and every student must inculcate these qualities in them.  No student is dull or incapable of doing anything, it’s just the determination and the will which is missing in them and once they find the will to do a work and do it with full determination then there is no stopping after that. Cambridge School Greater Noida, one of the best schools in Greater Noida tries to inculcate good ethics, behavior and discipline in children from a very early age.

Qualities of good student include:

Punctuality: Punctuality is the first thing that a child needs. If a child is punctual then half of work is already done here. Time is the most valuable asset for everyone especially a student. If a student works hard at the last minute, he won’t get the desired results but on another hand, if a student works hard a few months before the exams then he is definitely closer to get good grades just because he valued time. Similarly, doing homework on time, preparing projects on time, everything is equally important and if a student performs his sets of task on time then good results are guaranteed.

Self-Discipline: Self discipline is another quality in a student which is very important. If students have self-discipline in them, then nothing is impossible to achieve. This quality in a student helps them to achieve their short term and long term goal as well.

Confidence: Some children are born confident but some struggle to find confidence in them no matter how hard they try. Having confidence is like wearing an accessory that enhances your look, but in this case it enhances our personality. Many students are capable and filled with talent but they lack confidence to present their ideas and perform which hampers their success. On the other hand, there are some students who are not that talented but they know how to present them with confidence which helps them to achieve their goal because most of us perceive what we see and only few people are interested to know the true self of a person which is a hard reality.

Leadership and team player:  Leadership and team player is another quality that differentiates a good student from the rest. There are only a few students who actively participate in projects and activities, they take initiative and give their 100% in the task. They bring new ideas, help fellow team players and make that protect or activity a great success. This type of quality in an individual helps him in the long run.

Positive attitude: Having a positive attitude in life helps every individual to gain success in life. It’s not necessary that we get good grades all the time, sometimes we don’t get the desired result irrespective of our hard work but that doesn’t mean that we should quit. In fact, we should keep ourselves positive and continue with our hard work because hard work always pays off.

Cambridge School Greater Noida is one of the top 5 schools in Greater Noida which is known for its academic excellence and co-curricular activities as well. We try to inculcate all the good habits ethics and mannerism in order to provide the overall development of a child. Our preschool admission is now open for the session 2022-2023. Register today.


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