School Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines

Parental Cooperation:

  • Parents are requested to co-operate in the proper functioning of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline in their ward and ensuring that the school rules are observed.
  • On school days including all school functions, boys and girls must turn up neatly and smartly in full school uniform.
  • Parents must ensure that their ward/(s) are regular to school and punctually in reaching the school must be strictly followed.
  • Ensure that students do not bring cameras, mobile phones, objectionable material, magazines, expensive articles, electronic gadgets etc to the school, as these are strictly prohibited. Gold ornaments must not be worn.
  • Parents are not permitted to enter the classrooms or meet the class teachers during the school hours. In special cases parents can meet the teachers by prior appointment only.
  • Parents should see the student’s diary every day and note the home assignment and any other instructions given there in. They should ensure that sufficient time is set for home study.
  • Parent teacher meeting (as per dates given) should be attended regularly. These meetings are held to discuss the performance and progress of the children.
  • Parents are requested to inform the school if there is any change in address, telephone number etc.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the school during school hours. Short leave/Half day leave application will not be entertained.
  • The school accepts no responsibility for any injury due to any accident or negligence by the bus driver or any road hazard.
  • The school further accepts no responsibility for any injury within the school premises. Only first aid shall be provided in such cases. All major expenses will be the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  • Keeping in mind the security concerns the tiffins and water bottles must be carried by the students themselves.
  • Counsel your ward to report any offensive guestures/behaviour of anyone in school bus/private cab, etc.
  • Parents are requested to inform the school in writing if there is any change in address, mobile number or any other personal details.
  • Parents are requeted to access Paren Portal regularly. Please do remember you ward’s user-id and password to access the same.
  • In case you forget you password, reigstered mobile number can be used to generate the new password or you can contact the school to reset your password which will be sent on your registered mobile number.

Rules, Discipline and Code of Conduct:

  • Attendance on first and last working day (before and after vacation) is compulsory.
  • The students must reach the school 10 minutes earlier than the specified time. He/she will not be allowed to enter the school after that and no call will be entertained regarding it.
  • At least 75 % attendance is mandatory to appear for Annual Examination.
  • No student will be allowed to sit in the class if the leave record page provided in the diary is not filled. Reason for absence must be clearly stated and duly signed by the parent.
  • In order to acquire a good command over English language which is the medium of instruction, children should speak only in English in the school premises.
  • A student who uses an unfair means during tests, examination etc will be given zero in the subject. Repetition of same offence will result in dismissal.
  • Changing of classrooms between periods, going for P.T. or activities must be done in complete silence and in orderly manner. When using staircases and corridors all students must keep to the left.
  • Care must be taken of the school property. Any damage to school property will have to be paid for by the concerned students/parents/guardian.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school premises. If any student is found carrying one, it will be confiscated and heavy fine will be imposed.
  • Non-sikh boys are not allowed to keep long hair. They must maintain proper haircut at all times.
  • Girls shall not wear any jewellery or apply nail polish when they come to school.
  • For any indiscipline or behavioral issue, one verbal followed by one written warning will be issued. After that the school authorities have the right to suspend or dismiss the student.
  • Scooters/motorcycles/cars must not be driven by the students to the school.
  • Any child using bus facility will not be allowed to go with parents, without prior application and approval of the principal or unless there is any emergency.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their children carry their personal belongings themselves to school. No lunch boxes , books, notebooks, project works etc, will be taken by the guard for being handed over to the students. No calls regarding the same will be entertained at the reception.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss. A student who is irregular in attendance , whose progress is repeatedly unsatisfactory , whose conduct in the school or outside is harmful to other students or whose parents show little or no interest in the progress of their wards.

Fee Rules:

  • School fee is collected quarterly (April, July, October, January)
  • Payments are acceptable by demand draft or cheques drawn on a local bank with clearance in Delhi, from 1st to 10th of each fee quarter in the school, Cash payments to be made n the Bank only.
  • If 10th happens to be a holiday, payments must be made by the 9th of the month.
  • School fee is to be paid in full. Part payments is not accepted.
  • Cheques & drafts are to be drawn in favour of “Cambridge School Greater Noida” with the name, class and phone no. of the student written at the back of the cheque/draft. There must be a separate cheque or demand draft for each quarter for each child.
  • Last date for payment of fees for each quarter is as under:

                   I Quarter – 10th April                              II Quarter – 10th July 

               III Quarter – 10th October                         IV Quarter 10th January 

  • A late fee of Rs.20/- will be charged from 11th of the 1st month of every quarter.The name of the student will be struck off from the school rolls from the 1st day of the enxt quarter. Re0admission will be allowed only after payment of all arrears of fee, late fee as mentioned above and a readmission fee of rs. 2000/-.
  • If a cheque is dishonoured due to any reason, late fee and bank charges of Rs. 250/- will be charged.
  • Parents are requested to keep the fee receipt in safe custody and produce it as and when required by the school as a proof of payment.
  • All fees including Bus fee is subject to revision.
  • In case of withdrawal from the bus, one full month’s notice is to be given, otherwise full conveyance charges will be payable. No bus, withdrawal will be allowed in the IV quarter. Su fee is not fully or partly refundable under any circumstances.
  • For the first quarter (April to June), the Bus fee will be paid for 2 months only.
  • Change of address, if any, should be intimated to the school in writing immediately.
  • Full year payment can be made in advance.
  • In case of new admission, first payment will be accepted in cash only. The same must be deposited to the bank.
  • In case of any doubt regarding the fees, parents are advised to contact the school office before the last date of payment.



  • A clear one month’s calendar notice in writing for withdrawals must be given by the parents/guardian, failing which one month’s notice fee will be charges in lieu thereof. Those notifying in the month of May (1 Qtr.) / Jan (IV Qtr.) will be required to pay the fee for the whole quarter.
  • The original receipt issued to the parents of a child at the time of admission must be produced at the time of withdrawal.
  • The application for the withdrawal of security deposit must be submitted within 2 years of the child’s withdrawal, after which no application will be entertained.

Transport Rules: 

  • The bus service provided by the school is a facility and the school tries to provide good service and adhere to the timings.
  • Students using bus are not permitted to travel by any other bus except the route number allotted to them.
  • Each student is expected to board or get down only at his/her designated stop and not any where else.
  • Indiscipline by any student in the school bus will make the student ineligible to use the school transport.
  • Bus incharge and the bus monitor will be responsible for orderly behavior in the school bus.
  • Change of bus stop will not be entertained.
  • Parents are requested to see that the children are escorted to and from the bus stop by their guardians.
  • The bus service is liable to be withdrawn or changed from any area as and when it is not found to be feasible. Transport charges vary according to the distance; however the transport charges may be increased whenever the need arises.
  • A calendar month’s notice must be given in writing before withdrawing a pupil from the bus.
  • In order to streamline the exit of students who use private or their own means of transport they will be permitted to leave the school, five minutes after the pedestrian students have exited.
  • In case of any change in bus route due to change of address, an application should be forwarded addressing to the principal. Bus allotment would be subject to availability of seat.
  • School is not responsible for students using private transport to commute to and from school.
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