Some amazing hacks for improving your memory

There is one question that almost every student must have thought of, and that is ‘Is there any way to boost your memory?’ Well, such thoughts usually pile up in your mind, when you are preparing for an exam or test. You need to recall every bit of information but find it very difficult to retain it all in your memory. Many children face this problem and wish that they had better memory retention. Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to boost your memory and we have discussed some of these, in this blog, with the help of the teachers from the best CBSE school in Greater Noida.

Try to stay focussed – While you are studying, make sure your attention is solely diverted towards what you are reading and try not to divert it elsewhere. In order to move the piece of information that you read, from short term to long term memory, you need to be highly focused and actively attend to the information that you are trying to grasp. To do this, you need to shift your study to an area where there is no source of distraction, like radio, television, music, etc. It is better to sit in a room all by yourself, rather than having your family or friends around.

Refrain from cramming – Some children develop a habit to cram their notes, a night before the exam. This is completely wrong as your brain needs adequate time to process all the information and store it properly. As per the teachers from the top school in Greater Noida, students who complete their syllabus way ahead of time and keep on revising are more likely to do well in exams as compared to those who cram all the study material in a single marathon session, a night or two before the exams.

Keep all your notes organised – Grasping information becomes easier when you have it all written down in an organised manner. For some, making and maintaining notes is a very hectic task, for others, it is a habit that takes them a step further towards success. This easily helps you to recapitulate what is being taught in the class. Now, while you are making your notes try to use different coloured pens or markers to highlight important information. The more organised your notes are, the easier it is for you to memorise them during your exams.

Elaborate every sentence and rephrase it – You can’t really memorise something unless and until you understand its gist. For this, it is important to process and elaborate every piece of information that you read, and then try to reframe it in your own words, just like a story. This way, it becomes much easier to recall and memorise information.

Take power naps – As important it is to study, it is equally important to give your body some rest. If you think that sleepless nights and studying all day and night is going to help you memorise better, you might need to reconsider that thought. Just like your body, your brain needs rest too. In fact, research has shown that taking a short nap after learning new things helps you to memorize them better. If you are sleep deprived, your brain does not get enough rest and as such, it is not able to memorise information efficiently.

Before preparing for your next exam, make sure you keep these tips in mind. Even parents, who are preparing their children for nursery admission in Greater Noida, can try these tips to help their little ones recall better.

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