Teaching Kids Our History and Heritage

We as humans have achieved so many feats throughout history. We have invented electricity, built the Eiffel tower, went through so many industrializations, and also reached the moon! All of us are very proud of what we have accomplished so far as a race and evolved to right our wrongs from the past.But in the glimmer of modernization, we tend to ignore things that have brought us here. Hence, we should always stay connected with our history and culture. A healthy link to our history is vital to building our own cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies, especially for children. Hence, most schools tend to gravitate towards children who are familiar with our country’s history and culture for 1st class admission.

These values are as significant as law & order as it connects each of us with a single belief. But for children, it helps them form the basis of their opinions and the roots that bind them to their family or society. Hence, when you educate your children about our history and heritage, you truly instil a deep sense of appreciation for our diverse and beautiful nation in their hearts. Even the best CBSE schools near me have special lessons and books throughout their curriculum to imbibe these values into their students.

You can take a simple example to see how much we are getting away from our history as a society. When you ask most children about our nation’s struggle for freedom or which culture they belong to, most of them don’t even have the hint of the answer. Even if they know the common historical facts like we got independence in 1947, most of them don’t comprehend our forefather’s sacrifice or don’t get inspired by our history or culture. Hence, as one of the best school in greater Noida west, we have compiled some ideas by which you can encourage your children to be more engaged in our history and culture.

  • Excursion Trips

The best way to teach your children about history and culture is by experiencing it all first hand. Hence, you can take them on field trips to places with either historic or cultural values. Even the schools plan picnics and trips to historical sights. The main reason schools choose these places is due to the same reason, to help children learn and gain information about our rich history.

  • Help them understand the significance

You can point out the importance of learning the history and culture to young ones as they would find it fascinating that what was the history of the place, which they first didn’t think of as of great importance before. After learning about the facts and stories, they would feel more connected to our motherland and know how to respect every culture as everyone has rich and diverse cultural values behind them.

  • Improves learning abilities of children

The active participation of children in cultural and historical events helps to augment their thinking skills, gain self-respect and promotes resilience. It also makes them aware and respects the history and culture of this nation.

  • Works towards the unity of society

By teaching your children about all the different cultures and history, you can make them aware of all the other people from different backgrounds and our country’s diversity. Children are the future of society, and making them aware of cultures and respecting them would be very beneficial for the very fabric of our society.

As parents, we have to look for new ways by which our children would help this community be a better place by teaching them history and culture because these are the two things our predecessors intended to leave for us and pride ourselves on that.

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