What is Bullying and How it Affects Personal Growth in a Child

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Bullying is one such issue that every person in the world has suffered either at a young age or at any point of school or college life. Bullying isn’t always due to the result of an individual’s conservative behavior; it can be blatantly due to the misuse of someone’s show of strength. A small fight in a school cannot be called bullying; as it must meet certain requirements to be considered as an act of bullying. These conditions can be imbalance of power, repetition of the act and provocation. Bullying inside the campus or anywhere else has to be judged on the basis of the mentioned conditions. And it doesn’t really matter where an individual comes from or his economical status.  One should be treated as equal and bullying should be addressed and should be prevented whether at school or anywhere in the community. Everybody should play their own part in the prevention of such an act that has destroyed the life of many individuals and continue to do so. Cambridge School Greater Noida, one of the best schools in Greater Noida has zero tolerance for bullying.


Types of bullying:

  • Direct and indirect bullying: Direct bullying is very common where an individual tries to showcase one’s strength and directly hurts the other person physically. It is the most prevalent kind of bullying and everyone must have experienced it. The other mode that doesn’t require any physical contact with the person bullied is called indirect bullying, which can just spread any fake news or rumor about the person to bully.
  • Cyber bullying:  In the age of computers, smart phones and social media, cyber bullying has grown rapidly, and can be considered as the most dangerous and life destroying means of bullying. Cyber bullying is any form of bullying that takes place online. It can be any personal site or deceptive private message or any private picture of the individual or any content that is embarrassing for the person.
  • Emotional bullying: Emotional bullying involves the use of emotional issues and causes to hurt the other person. Just by saying things to the other person in public, hooting an individual by ganging up against him/her, or by spreading rumors about the individual to hurt him/her in front of the schoolmates.
  • Sexual bullying: Sexual bullying cannot only confine to girls, but boys are often at the receiving end of the sexual bullying. Sexually bullying is any kind of bullying that is related to the person’s gender or sexuality. The most common can be forcing someone to commit an intimate act, making sexual comments, or unwanted touching on any part of the body especially around or in the genital region. Children usually fear and do not tell anyone; therefore parents must have a transparent and open relationship with them.
  • Verbal bullying: Verbal bullying can by using any form of language or slang to cause distress to an individual. It is usually done on appearance of the individual, or using derogatory words against the individual or against the person’s family members.

Effects of bullying:

The victims of bullying have documented that life of any such incident becomes a misery. They tend to question their reason for existence and even try to commit suicide due to the embarrassment caused. Some are able to move on in life but many remain in the trap of guilt and shame. The most common impact of bullying is depression that drags the person into the pit of never ending pain, anger and frustration that haunts them forever if left untreated.

Bullying doesn’t have any common solution that can be incorporated in order to end it. Strict laws should be made to prevent such acts but bullying is prevalent at school and also at higher education institutions. It can only be stopped if the society brings about a change in itself and stops discriminating among individual on the basis of color, gender, appearance or race. Until then one can only safeguard one’s child from such an incident and hope that their loved ones are not on the receiving end of such an act.

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