The Webinars- Attended by students
18th May to 22nd May 2020 : An interactive session on “QuaranTEEN Challenge” was conducted for the students of classes VI to X. Through this session, the students expressed their distressing concerns as they are quarantined at home. They are missing school, teachers and their friends. But, many of them are happy to be at home as they are able to spend quality time with family members and are able to develop some new interests. They were able to differentiate between social distancing and social isolation. Social isolation, being away from school for an extended period of time, and uncertainty about what all this means for their friends and family are just a few of the concerns young children and teens shared during the interactive session.

The students actively participated in the session and shared different ways in which they are trying to deal with the stressful situation and how they are spending their time at home with their parents and grandparents, doing some household chores, doing some creative activities. During the session, they were counselled as to how they need to manage their emotions and stay positive in the times of uncertainty. They understood the importance of staying connected with each other during the times of uncertainty while maintaining social distance and learnt different coping strategies for dealing with Covid-19.

It was a step further to make the students aware about opportunity that are available and they just need to reflect and make some positive changes to their new normal by using coping mechanisms such as spending good quality time with family, play indoor games, read books, cooking together, remaining authentically connected etc. to have a healthy quarantine. The interactive session ended on a positive note.

The Webinars- Attended & conducted by Faculty

Workshop on ‘Turn Setback to Comeback’ by Resource Person Mr Shiv Khera attended by Mrs. Madhuri Baunthiyal, Primary Coordinator. He spoke about how to turn setbacks in life to comeback. In this session he shed light upon: How to Cope-up with current crisis of Covid’19 lockdown, How to succeed in life and how to motivate oneself and other. This session was exclusively for educators, students and parents.
1 April 2020: To introduce the curriculum of NIIT from Class VI-VIII, NIIT team planned an online training session for all teachers of IT department from Cambridge fraternity. NIIT ITW program was introduced and how teachers and student can access the NIIT ITW Program at home. Mrs. Akanksha Agarwal (HOD, Comp. Dept) and Mrs. Vaishali Vashishtha (PRT-Comp.) attended the training programme from CSGN.
24th April 2020: In order to help our students navigate through any anxiety or concern they may face during this challenging time, Cambridge School has tied up with ‘I Am’ a leading NGO dedicated to nurturing positive mental well-being of children in need of care and protection. ‘I Am’ believes every child deserves access to the protective factors needed to develop into a well-adjusted individual in society. It addresses the need to nurture the hearts of children through training caregivers, teachers and mental health professionals, providing focused interventions and by conducting research.CSGN hosted the meeting for all members on TEAM.
Pre-Primary and Primary teachers, counsellors and administrative representatives from all our 5 Cambridge Schools attend online workshops to receive training in how to handle the specific needs of our student body.
2nd May 2020: Ms. Suman Tewari PGT Physics attended an online seminar organized by Vigyan Prasar on Annular Solar eclipse to occur on 21st June 2020.
11th May 2020: Ms. Suman Tewari PGT (Physics) attended an online workshop conducted by Jyotirvidya Sansthan Pune for conducting activities on Zero Shadow Day.
14th May 2020: Ms. Suman Tewari PGT (Physics) conducted an experiment to measure the radius of the earth in collaboration with Jyotirvidya Sansthan Pune. The size of the shadow of genom was measured an hour before and after the sun reached the zenith. Observations for the same were shared with the parent institute
14th May 2020:  Ms. Suman Tewari PGT (Physics) attended a live session with Dr. D.K. Aswal, Director National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi on the occasion of World Metrology Day. The importance of accurate measurement in day-to-day life and need of periodic calibration of instruments was discussed and participants were briefed about various outreach programs and training session organized by NPL.
15th May 2020: An online activity based workshop on ‘Sustainable ecosystem and it’s impact on our food’ was conducted by Ms. Pragati Chaswal. The subtopics were how to grow ‘microgreens’ and’ biodiversity for healthy diet.’ It was attended by Ms. Madhuri Baunthiyal, Ms. Jasdeep Kaur and Ms. Kusum Dhyman.
15th May 2020: A workshop on the Topic of “Atal Bihari Vajpayee ka Vyaktitva” was conducted by Hindi department of CSN attended by attended by Dr. Sonia Verma, Mrs. Lata Babbar, Hindi Teachers (primary and senior) of CSGN. It was about imparting the knowledge of personality, personal life and professional life of “The great leader and poet Atal ji. The seminar started with the recorded poems of Atal ji sung by students. They also discussed the life of Atal ji followed by some questions.
16th May 2020: An International workshop conducted  by Mr. Sudhanshu Shukla, Lecturer from Poland for Indian and Foreign Hindi teachers attended by Dr. Sonia Verma and Mrs. Lata Babbar, Hindi Teachers from CSGN. The discussion was on Hindi language and Indian culture on world platform. He also discussed the value of Indian culture in foreign, about how Indian culture is being acknowledged and The Holy Ganga river.
22nd May 2020: An online activity based workshop on ‘Sustainable ecosystem and its impact on our food’ was conducted on 22nd May by Ms. Pallavi Upadhaya. She shared information on rich diversity of nutricereals.  It was attended by Ms. Madhuri Baunthiyal and Ms. Jasdeep Kaur.
23rd May 2020: A workshop on the topic of विभिन्न माध्यमों से भाषा कौशल विकास, आभासी शिक्षण और मूल्य. was conducted by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jain attended by Teachers (primary and senior) of hindi Deparment of CSGN attended by Dr. Sonia Verma and Mrs. Lata Babbar, Hindi Teachers from CSGN. The discussion was on online teaching, methodology and values by this teaching. He also discussed on the moral values, simplicity, connectivity of teachers from all over india and abroad. Main agenda was the values learnt by students by hindi language through online classes and the adaptation of new methods for teaching learning process.
29th May 2020: An online workshop was conducted on 29th May by Bhoomika Foundation. The topic was ‘Learn how to make your own bioenzymes’. It was attended by Ms. Madhuri Baunthiyal, Ms. Nazia and Ms. Jasdeep Kaur.
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