Workshop and Seminars

In House Seminars

English Workshop: “Incredible Jewels—-Figures of Speech”, on 19th May 2018 by the Department of English.

History Workshop: ‘Reconnoitering the Colonial Cities’ on 21st April 2018,  by the Department of Social Science.

Science Workshop: ‘Man Vs Machine’ on 15th September 2018, by Mrs. Jyoti Mangotra (PRT)  and Mrs. Monika Sharma (PRT).

Mathematics Workshop: ‘DATA HANDLING’ on 23rd August 2018, by the Department of Mathematics.

Psychology Workshop: ‘Juvenile Aggression’ on 29th November 2018, by Mrs. Priyam Kapoor (PGT, Psychology).

Physics Workshop:  ‘The Scope and Excitement of Physics’ on 17th December 2018, by The Department of Science 

Commerce Workshop:  ‘Entrepreneurial Journey’ on 4th August 2018, by The Department of Commerce.