The Webinars- Attended by students
18th May to 22nd May 2020 : An interactive session on “QuaranTEEN Challenge” was conducted for the students of classes VI to X. Through this session, the students expressed their distressing concerns as they are quarantined at home. They are missing school, teachers and their friends. But, many of them are happy to be at home as they are able to spend quality time with family members and are able to develop some new interests. They were able to differentiate between social distancing and social isolation. Social isolation, being away from school for an extended period of time, and uncertainty about what all this means for their friends and family are just a few of the concerns young children and teens shared during the interactive session.

The students actively participated in the session and shared different ways in which they are trying to deal with the stressful situation and how they are spending their time at home with their parents and grandparents, doing some household chores, doing some creative activities. During the session, they were counselled as to how they need to manage their emotions and stay positive in the times of uncertainty. They understood the importance of staying connected with each other during the times of uncertainty while maintaining social distance and learnt different coping strategies for dealing with Covid-19.

It was a step further to make the students aware about opportunity that are available and they just need to reflect and make some positive changes to their new normal by using coping mechanisms such as spending good quality time with family, play indoor games, read books, cooking together, remaining authentically connected etc. to have a healthy quarantine. The interactive session ended on a positive note.

The Webinars- Attended & conducted by Faculty

April 2020

Workshop on ‘Turn Setback to Comeback’ by Resource Person Mr Shiv Khera attended by Mrs. Madhuri Baunthiyal, Primary Coordinator. He spoke about how to turn setbacks in life to comeback. In this session he shed light upon: How to Cope-up with current crisis of Covid’19 lockdown, How to succeed in life and how to motivate oneself and other. This session was exclusively for educators, students and parents.

1 April 2020: To introduce the curriculum of NIIT from Class VI-VIII, NIIT team planned an online training session for all teachers of IT department from Cambridge fraternity. NIIT ITW program was introduced and how teachers and student can access the NIIT ITW Program at home. Mrs. Akanksha Agarwal (HOD, Comp. Dept) and Mrs. Vaishali Vashishtha (PRT-Comp.) attended the training programme from CSGN.

24th April 2020: In order to help our students navigate through any anxiety or concern they may face during this challenging time, Cambridge School has tied up with ‘I Am’ a leading NGO dedicated to nurturing positive mental well-being of children in need of care and protection. ‘I Am’ believes every child deserves access to the protective factors needed to develop into a well-adjusted individual in society. It addresses the need to nurture the hearts of children through training caregivers, teachers and mental health professionals, providing focused interventions and by conducting research.

CSGN hosted the meeting for all members on TEAM. Pre-Primary and Primary teachers, counsellors and administrative representatives from all our 5 Cambridge Schools attend online workshops to receive training in how to handle the specific needs of our student body.

May 2020

2nd May 2020: Ms. Suman Tewari PGT Physics attended an online seminar organized by Vigyan Prasar on Annular Solar eclipse to occur on 21st June 2020.

11th May 2020: Ms. Suman Tewari PGT (Physics) attended an online workshop conducted by Jyotirvidya Sansthan Pune for conducting activities on Zero Shadow Day.

14th May 2020: Ms. Suman Tewari PGT (Physics) conducted an experiment to measure the radius of the earth in collaboration with Jyotirvidya Sansthan Pune. The size of the shadow of genom was measured an hour before and after the sun reached the zenith. Observations for the same were shared with the parent institute.

14th May 2020:  Ms. Suman Tewari PGT (Physics) attended a live session with Dr. D.K. Aswal, Director National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi on the occasion of World Metrology Day. The importance of accurate measurement in day-to-day life and need of periodic calibration of instruments was discussed and participants were briefed about various outreach programs and training session organized by NPL.

15th May 2020: An online activity based workshop on ‘Sustainable ecosystem and it’s impact on our food’ was conducted by Ms. Pragati Chaswal. The subtopics were how to grow ‘microgreens’ and’ biodiversity for healthy diet.’ It was attended by Ms. Madhuri Baunthiyal, Ms. Jasdeep Kaur and Ms. Kusum Dhyman.

15th May 2020: A workshop on the Topic of “Atal Bihari Vajpayee ka Vyaktitva” was conducted by Hindi department of CSN attended by attended by Dr. Sonia Verma, Mrs. Lata Babbar, Hindi Teachers (primary and senior) of CSGN. It was about imparting the knowledge of personality, personal life and professional life of “The great leader and poet Atal ji. The seminar started with the recorded poems of Atal ji sung by students. They also discussed the life of Atal ji followed by some questions.

16th May 2020: An International workshop conducted  by Mr. Sudhanshu Shukla, Lecturer from Poland for Indian and Foreign Hindi teachers attended by Dr. Sonia Verma and Mrs. Lata Babbar, Hindi Teachers from CSGN. The discussion was on Hindi language and Indian culture on world platform. He also discussed the value of Indian culture in foreign, about how Indian culture is being acknowledged and The Holy Ganga river.

22nd May 2020: An online activity based workshop on ‘Sustainable ecosystem and its impact on our food’ was conducted on 22nd May by Ms. Pallavi Upadhaya. She shared information on rich diversity of nutricereals.  It was attended by Ms. Madhuri Baunthiyal and Ms. Jasdeep Kaur.

23rd May 2020: A workshop on the topic of विभिन्न माध्यमों से भाषा कौशल विकास, आभासी शिक्षण और मूल्य. was conducted by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jain attended by Teachers (primary and senior) of hindi Deparment of CSGN attended by Dr. Sonia Verma and Mrs. Lata Babbar, Hindi Teachers from CSGN. The discussion was on online teaching, methodology and values by this teaching. He also discussed on the moral values, simplicity, connectivity of teachers from all over india and abroad. Main agenda was the values learnt by students by hindi language through online classes and the adaptation of new methods for teaching learning process.

29th May 2020: An online workshop was conducted on 29th May by Bhoomika Foundation. The topic was ‘Learn how to make your own bioenzymes’. It was attended by Ms. Madhuri Baunthiyal, Ms. Nazia and Ms. Jasdeep Kaur.

June 2020

12th June’20: A webinar was conducted by Ms. Pragati and Ms. Deviya on ‘Soaps that will keep us and rivers clean ‘. It was attended by Ms. Jasdeep Kaur , Ms. Niharika Chaudhary and Ms. Rashmi Gautam.

14th June 2020, Effective Lesson Planning for online class- Pre Primary by Pearson

and Ensuring School Readiness for your child by Macmillan attended by Mrs. Pooja Handa, Ms. Anshu Gupta and Ms. Geeta Sood.


17th June ,2020 Oxford University Press conducted a webinar on ‘What needs to change in Mathematics education in the 21st century’ to throw light on changing structure of Mathematics in today’s time and its importance.

  • The webinar was presented by Aashalata Badami ,author of New Enjoying Mathematics , Published by OUP. It was attended by Ms. Preetpal Kaur, Ms. Nazia, Ms. Shilpa, Ms. Himanjani and  Ms Sonali.
  • The author mentioned the need to develop critical thinking in children. It was enriched webinar and teachers got new ideas to teach Mathematics for the 21st century.



17th June 2020: Mrs. Shashi Sharma attended a webinar conducted by ‘Advanced Information Network Of Libraries(ADINET), on “Creativity Workshop for 21st Century Librarians” and also participated in an online quiz programme organised by Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Fatehabaad.


17th June 2020, Ms. Rekha attended a webinar on ‘A Place for Emotional Well Being in Curricula’ organised by Rocksport Adventures as a part of Web series on Reinventing Schools. The panelists included Ms Lata Vaidyanathan, Director Gyan Bharati School Saket, Ms. Sunanda Sandhir, Principal Pathways School Noida, Ms. Rita Singh, Director Indirapuram group of institutions, Dr. Amita Saxena, Principal DPS Sushant lok, Ms. Asha Nair, Principal DPS Rau Indore, Mr. Rajkumar Sharma Principal Nimawat International School Jaipur, Ms. Rashmi Raj Biswas, Principal DAV Public school Pitampura Delhi, and Dr. Sabjay Herath Dean Fravashi International Academy Nasik. The key points discussed was


1.Raising an emotionally healthy child, Why and how and are we doing enough

2.Building resilience and collaborative approach in any adverse situation

3.Dedicated time for distressing activities

4.Increasing the classroom happiness quotient

5 .Balancing academics with co curricular activities.


17th June 2020 : Ms Lata Babbar attended an online Hindi workshop on the topic of Connecting your class and impressive presentation. It was conducted by Nirmal Dwivedi (Madhuban). The motive of the work shop was to build healthy and effective relationship between students and teacher as well as making Hindi language easy to learn.23rd June 2020:  Ms. Suman Tewari, PGT Physics attended a lecture is on

23rd June 2020:  Ms. Suman Tewari, PGT Physics attended a lecture is on “Earthquake Genesis and Public Panic with reference to NCR-Delhi Seismicity” delivered by Dr. O.P. Mishra, Senior Scientist, National Centre of Seismology, Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi.


  • Webinars attended by Mrs Madhuri Baunthiyal with other teachers

5th June 2020 ‘World Environment day’ presented by Pallavi Upadhyaya on millets with Ms. Nazia Anjum, Ms. Jasdeep Kaur, Ms. Preetpal Kaur, Ms. Rashmi Saxena and Ms. Lata Babbar

19th June 2020: Webinar by Roopali Malhotra (Nutritionalist) on Boost Immunity (right food combinations) with Ms. Jasdeep Kaur, Ms. Niharika Chaudhary , Ms. Preetpal Kaur and Ms. Lata Babbar.

24th June 2020Webinar by Deviya on Relevance of herbs in maintaining healthy life style with Ms. Jasdeep Kaur and Ms. Nazia Anjum.

  • Webinars attended by Ms Mansi Singh, (PGT Psychology)

3rd June 2020 ‘Strategic Thinking’ conducted by Dr Nitin Batra from Amity Institute of Training and Development (AITD) attended by Ms Mansi Singh, (PGT Psychology). Being strategic means having the nerve to think deeply about what you want to do, and what you want to achieve.

  • It’s a skill that enables to plan and apply reason to many challenges that one faces, always seeking the best and most effective solution. This webinar helped in understanding different strategies that will both cope with changing environments and consider the various challenges that lie ahead.  It also helped in recognizing steps that can help to develop a strategic mind-set. This will help in becoming more strategic in day-to-day activity and be able to align with goals.
  • By working on these areas such as being proactive, understanding counter arguments, keep upto date with news and trends one can enhance strategic thinking skills.

On 10th June 2020: ‘Improving Coping Flexibility Within the Context of Chronic Disease and Disability’ conducted by NBCC Foundation by Dr. Whitney G. McLaughlin, a board certified counselor and licensed clinical mental health counsellor and attended by Ms Mansi Singh, (PGT Psychology)

  • This webinar helped in understanding how coping flexibility helps effectively in self-monitoring and modifying coping behaviors based upon situational demands and coping resources that are accessible and available to produce favorable outcomes. This dynamic process is essential for overall health and well-being. For individuals living with chronic disease and disability, the use of adaptive or effective coping strategies has been associated with improved disease management and symptom reduction. Conversely, maladaptive or ineffective coping strategies have been linked to long-term interpersonal and emotional distress.
  • The difficulties and losses associated with having a chronic condition reveal that more needs to be done to help people who are living with chronic disease and disability adjust to changes they experience throughout the course of their disease in addition to managing their everyday lives.


On 11th June 2020’Relationships and it’s management’ conducted by clinical psychologists Ms. Anam Kaushal and Ms. Megha Sarin.

  • This webinar helped in understanding how to build better work relationships, maximize impact, increase productivity, and drive results by applying effective communication and relationship management. In a complex environment, work is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of many. Differences are a positive force if one knows how to harness them.
  • Developing good interpersonal skills and creating rapport in environment can make—or break—career. It’s important to develop self-awareness, analyze situations, and consciously select and use productive communication strategies. By doing this, one can find own relationship style, identify the strengths and weaknesses, and master the winning tactics to work harmoniously to achieve goals.


14th June 2020: ‘Adolescence and Risky Behaviours: Age of Emotional Turbulence’ conducted by psychologist Dr Roma Kumar, Founder of Saksham Child and Adolescent Clinic.

  • This webinar helped in understanding how the high-risk behaviors leading to these choices have the ability to shape adult behavior, and the consequences are costly to society and young people alike. Some of the most common adolescent high-risk behaviors include sexual activity, substance abuse, cigarette smoking, preventable injury and violence, including self-harm.
  • The mind of adolescents is flooded with questions they are unable to find answer for. These unanswered questions manifest in the form of search for identity, low self esteemed, worries and anxieties related to physical changes and uncontrolled emotional stage. These troubling emotions can lead to frustration, unrestrained anger, mental instability and various other problems that may cause harm to the adolescents. This is an age when they need help that can come by understanding their tribulations.
  • This webinar gave an insight that by identifying visible warning signs of turbulence, help can be rendered to them by various measures that may assist adolescents to pass through this difficult phase with ease. Effective listening skills, building their confidence, healthy relationship and open discussion may help them to sail through this period smoothly.

15th June 2020: ‘Resilience and Mental Health’ conducted by Neurologist Dr Farzana Mulla and Therapist Dr Varudhini Kankipati.

  • Resilience, which is directly related to wellbeing, is about having the ability to cope with and adapt to new situations. This webinar helped in understanding how having a sense of resilience and positive wellbeing enables a person to approach other people and situations with confidence and optimism, which is especially important for young people given the enormous changes that occur with the transition into adolescence and adulthood.
  • In a practical sense developing and improving on setting realistic and achievable goals, problem solving and social skills all contribute to wellbeing and resiliency. Other important skills include identifying and becoming aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses.


17th and 18th June 2020: ‘Introduction to School Psychology’ by Ms. Geetika Kapoor, School Psychologist conducted by Fortis Healthcare, Noida.

  • During the lecture, she specially focused on psychological problems of students, which are major cause for increase in suicidal tendency in students.
  • Geetika Kapoor explained different terms of psychiatry, types of mental disorders, their causes, and management in very simple words and also guided how to deal with psychological problems and become healthy not only with physical fitness but also with mental well being.


21st June 2020: ‘Bullying Behaviour’ conducted by Ms. Kriti Sharma, Child Psychologist.

  • During the lecture, she specially focused on how to identify and address bullying behaviour. Bullying is a type of aggressive behavior that takes place when an individual intentionally causes someone else discomfort on repeated occasions.
  • This webinar helped in understanding how to identify and address this behavior within time- for the Bully and the Bullied, both. It helped in understanding bullying behaviour, knowing the causes, signs to look out for as parents or teachers, techniques for handling this behaviour and when and how to seek professional help.


27th June 2020: ‘Stress and Anxiety’ conducted by Counsel India by Psychologist Mr. Suveen Kumar. The webinar offered an opportunity to learn more about what makes us stressed, to share experiences with others who find life stressful, and to discuss and try out practical approaches to reducing our levels of anxiety.

  • It helped in looking at our anxiety in a new light, feel more understood and have information and some very practical coping ideas. It also offered a supportive and unthreatening atmosphere in which everyone shared experiences and gave suggestions to deal effectively with the stress and anxiety.


28th June 2020: ‘Navigating the New Normal with your child’ conducted by Psychologist Dr Roma Kumar. The webinar offered an opportunity to learn that many families struggle to develop a new routine, problems can arise from suddenly working from home, managing household responsibilities, and supporting children academically.

  • It helped in understanding how to develop an effective routine and daily structure, understanding how to best support your child’s learning based on his/her learning style, strategies for managing multiple responsibilities, planning, creating effective priorities and carrying them out, being organized, and managing time effectively, overcoming procrastination, coping with current stressors and overcoming challenges with online learning.


  • Webinars attended by Mrs. Rashmi Sharma (PGT- English)

16th June 2020 : AUSTRADE AND CBSE– Australia Masterclass Series for CBSE School Leaders, Leading Digital Learning

17th June 2020: FICCI ARISE AND CBSE- Leapfrogging Education- Access, Quality And Relevance, Embracing The Leapfrog Mindset To Ensure Access, Quality And Relevance In Education, Presenters- Mr. Manoj Ahuja, Chairman Education Board, CBSE, Mr. Manit Jain, Mr. Bijaya Sahoo, Mr. Prabhat Jain

19th June 2020: AUSTRADE AND CBSE– Australia Masterclass Series for CBSE School Leaders, Do Goldfish really have a better attention span than students of today, Presenter- Dr. GurionAng, Entomologist, University of Queensland

23rd June 2020: AUSTRADE AND CBSE– Australia Masterclass Series for CBSE School Leaders, Iterating Workspace post Covid-19

26th June 2020: CBSE- COE – 21st Century Skills Manual, Life Skills in the 21st Century. presented by Ms. Jyoti Arora, Principal, Mt. Abu School

  • (Career Counselling) Coordinated With Sharda University

On 1st June 2020: LEGAL- CLAT POSSIBLE

CLAT- Law as a career

Colleges offering courses in Law

Presenter: Mr. Mohammed Asadulla Shareef, President CLAT POSSIBLE


Varied topics and courses conducted at Universities related to Design, Art and Architecture

Presented by: Mr. Sunil Gideon, Pearl Academy


Details of Undergraduate Studies with respect to Tests, Finance, Scholarships etc. Impact of Covid on Study Abroad this year.

Speaker: Mr. Hemant Kumar, Canada


Details of IIT’s and other Technical Institutions in the Country

Presenter: Mr. Dheeraj Sharma, Director, Sharda Skills.

  • Alka Sharma (PGT-Commerce)

26th June 2020: A Seminar conducted by Commerce department of Cambridge School Noida on the topic ‘Communication with a difference’.

18th June 2020. A webinar organised for all commerce students of class XII of all branches of Cambridge. Resource person Mr. G.S Grewal on Topic “How to understand and improve the performance in Accountancy.”

July, August & September 2020

On 4th July : A webinar was conducted on 4th July, 2020 by Dr. Amol Padwad on the topic ‘Building Vocabulary in live Classroom’. The webinar was attended by Mrs. Madhuri Baunthiyal, Ms. Niharika Chaudhary, Mrs. Shruti Trivedi. In this session the teacher got to learnt that what it means to ‘teach’ vocabulary, how they can teach in live and interesting ways, and how it may help our learners develop their vocabulary. The workshop was an enriching experience for the teachers of English Department.

On 10 July : A webinar was conducted by Ms. Rashmi Tamboli on 10th July,20 for educators. The topic was ‘The Power of their mind’. It was attended by Ms. Jasdeep Kaur, Ms. Preetpal Kaur, Ms. Monica Sharma, Ms. Shilpa Ojha and Ms.Himajani Heera. It was an excellent way to know that our mind power is composed of attention, mental images and thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Though subtle and invisible, they can affect reality. Mind power means the power of thoughts. It is a creative power, which you can use to make changes in your life. It is what makes the law of attraction work. We learnt to have positive approach in our life while struggling with different problems in our life.

On 24th July: A webinar on ‘Monsoon Time: Nutrition Garden’ was  attended by Ms. Preetpal Kaur and Ms. Jasdeep Kaur by Mr. Kapil Mandawewala. The objective of webinar was to know how to find the right seeds for plantation during monsoon season and innovative practices to be followed afterneath. It also showcased the various ways for soil preparation and space selection.

On July 24, 2020, CBSE online workshop on Assessing students throughout an online course attended by Mrs. Anju Chahal (PRT), Mrs. Himanjani Heera (PRT), Mrs. Niharika Chaudhary (PRT)

On July 30, 2020: A webinar on ‘Teaching grammar in context using the digital platform by Shefali Ray, Oxford Publication was attended by Mrs. Madhuri Baunthiyal, Ms. Niharika Chaudhary.

On Aug 21, 2020, a webinar ‘Introduction to Cyber Security and Safety’ was attended by all Primary teachers and conducted by R.Bhuvana, Principal, Noida International School.

On 25th of July: Full Marks Pvt. Ltd. Organized a webinar on, Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Preeti Joshi, an NLP practitioner. The webinar was rewarding as it helped in understanding the association between an individual’s state of mind and behaviour, and how memories can be reset using linguistic techniques, to achieve a desirable behaviour. Attended by Mrs. Shruti Trivedi (TGT English)


On 2 July to 5 July  : Attended 4 days online Breath and meditation programme organised by Art of Living group.                The resource persons: Saket Kakkar and Chetna Kakkar.    Outcome : 1) Learnt a powerful rhythmic breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya 2)Pranayam,Yoga, Meditation and practical wisdom for every day living was taught 3) Boosts immunity,self confidence and reduces stress and anxiety, etc.


On 25 July 2020 : Attended webinar on Neuro Linguistic Programming organised by Full Marks.        Resource Persons : Ms.Preeti Joshi,an empowerment coach,Theta healer and Educationist and Dr. Richa Sood CBSE National awardee, a gold medalist in discuss throw.

Outcome: 1) Practical ways to change the way one thinks, views past events and approaches life was discussed. 2) Changes to be made at the unconscious level 3) Changes needs to be instantons that is Fast, Easy and Private.4) How Neurolinguistic programming can be used to empower children for personal excellence

  • Madhuri Baunthiyal (Primary Co-ordinator)

13th August’20: Story Telling as Pedagogy by Ms Sheela Varghese, Principal, CKMNSS School, Kerala

19th August’20: Understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy and its application in Political Science by Ms Santosh Vyas, Principal, Sadhu Vasvani School

22nd August’20: Ethics-Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development by Ms Ruupa Sharma

26th August’20: Enhancing Practical Skills/ Project and Maps in Social Science by Mrs Yogita Kapil, Principal, DPS, Sahibabad

26th August’20: National education Policy 2020- The Way Ahead by Collins Learning India

15th September’20: National Webinar on Faculty Development for Quality Education by MHRD & UGC

  • Kusum Dhyani (PRT)

On 26th Aug. 20: National Education Policy 2020: Discussion on the NEP and its impact on teachers, students, parents

28th Aug.2020: Blooms Taxonomy and questioning techniques in assessment – organized by CBSE. Discussion on different techniques which can be used for assessments. Revisiting Blooms Taxonomy and its use.

On 5th Sept.: Empowering Educators – How educators motivate themselves and their students in a positive manner.

On 6th Sept. : Competency Building for Pre-Primary and Primary Teachers on Phonics and Sound Scripting. Discussion on phonics and sound scripting and correct usage. How to make it fun filled for the students.


  • Mrs Niharika Chaudhary (PRT)

Aug 26, 2020: Enhancing practical skills/ project and maps in Social Science by Yogita Kapil, Principal, D.P.S Sahibabad

31/8/20: Pedagogy of Environmental Studies by NCERT


  • Preetpal Kaur (PRT)

Aug 25 ‘ 2020: Creating a Culture of Mathematics Learning-Joyful Mathematics

COE  [ Neha Bhardwaj ], Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Sharing of more interactive ways of teaching Maths by different participants.

Same was horizontally deployed in Maths exhibition Mathematica [ For class 4 & 5 ]

Aug 29 ‘ 2020: Understanding the issues related to cyber ethics

COE  [ R Buvana ], Noida, Awareness section about different cyber ethics , measures to be taken by individual while browsing online, Children were also made aware of same during classes.


  • Lata Babbar (PRT)

3rd Sept. 2020: Hindi Bhasha Adhyan ke kshetra me Aajeevika /Vyavsay ki sambhavnaye, Reetu Sirohi /CBSE, Discussion on Career option in the field of Hindi language

8th Sept. 2020: Creative and Vocational Teaching of Hindi : Possibilities and Challenges

Mr. Ramnayan Dubey /Viva Education , Discussion on Career option in the field of Hindi language

  • Himanjani Heera (PRT) & Mrs. Anju Chahal (PRT)

Sept 1 2020 : Designing Online Assessments, by CBSE (Diksha)

Sept 14,2020: Competency based Education by CBSE (Diksha)

5th Sept 2020: NEP 2020 Winds of change” webinar on Teacher’s Day , by Madhuban Publications


10th June 2020: Classrooms Post-Lockdown, by FICCI ARISE – Cambridge University Press

3 P.M – 8th Aug: Designing Online assessments, by Macmillan Educatioon on ‘A basic necessity for every school’, Foundational Literacy in National Educational Policy 2020

Aug 14, 2020: Mindfulness by Mr. Kapoor



  • Rekha (PRT- Indian Classical Dance)

On 2nd  August  : Mrs Rekha attended a webinar on Multiple Intelligence organised MI Atelier group.    Resource Person Ms. Liza Roy Mallic, Principal, Kaushalya World School Dadri, Educationist and a Trainer.

Outcome: The most important component of becoming an impactful teacher and to make sure that a) Time spent in classroom is the most productive b)Helps to keep the class room as engaged and disciplined c)Helps to complete homework and other tasks within time limit d)Helps in justifying not just the children but our jobs too .e)Implementing MI in lesson plans was taught.

They also discussed about types of MI, Mathematical Logical, Kinesthetic, Visual / Spatial, Musical, Inter Personal & Intrapersonal, existential skills

On 11th  August: Mrs Rekha attended a webinar on Life Skills organised by MI Atelier

Resource Person: Liza Roy Mallick, Principal Kaushalya World School Dadri, Educationist and a trainer


  • .Life skills for growing minds
  • .Helps in coping with the increasing pace and changing modern times
  • .How children need new life skills to deal with stress and frustration in present Pandemic times
  • .How it helps in new ways of thinking and solving
  • .How it helps in developing a greater sense of self awareness and appreciation for others.

Webinars atten

  • Rashmi Gautam (PRT- Arts)

29th July 2020: Oxford University Press {Reading the Adventure Within by Deepti Gupta

28th Aug, 2020: (Macmillan Webinar (Importance of Art Education & Integrated Learing) by Mikika Ghose, Dr. Madhuri Parti, Sonal Pinto & Anahita Lee


12th Sept. 2020: Boost Immunity (Nutrition & Immunity in the time of Pandemic) by Anurodh Saxena & Roopali Malhotra


  • (Mrs.) Sonia Verma (TGT- Hindi)

24th July 2020: Resource Person- Ellen from CBSE conducted webinar on ‘Assessing students throughout at online course’, Learning Outcome –  Impart the detailed  knowledge of assessing students with different tools in online classes.

24th July 2020: ‘Peak Performance’ by Resource Person Mr. Ravi Prakash Gupta, Rachna Sagar. Learning Outcome –  Impart the detailed  knowledge of students better performance techniques in languages.

25thjuly 2020: ‘Neruo-linguistic programming’ webinar conducted by Resource Person- Dr. Richa Sood. Learning outcome- The discussion was on neuro linguistic .child behaviour and transformation of behaviour is covered by resource person . current  situation and child’s behaviour are the main parts of webinar.

29th july 2020 :‘ Hindi ki uccharan evam lekhan vayvastha’by Resource Person- Ravi prakash Gupta, conducted by – full marks, attended by- Hindi teachers of Indian region. Learning Outcome –  Impart the detailed  knowledge of Hindi speaking evam writing skills . How to speak and write correct hindi  with the use of vayakran.

5th August  2020.: ‘Vyapak drishtikon – shabd  aur shabd rachna’ ( upasrg,pratyay, samas) by Resource Person- Ravi prakash Gupta, conducted by – full marks attended by- Hindi teachers of Indian region.Learning Outcome –  Impart the detailed  knowledge of shabd evam shabd rachna   there origin and implementation .

29th  August 2020: Dr. Pradeep Jain conducted webinar on ‘Alternative Academic calendar’ . The learning outcome-  The webinar is designed for the changes done by CBSE.  As well as art integrated learning techniques.

29th  August 2020: Mr.Surya Narain Bahadur, Ms.Vinita Kher conducted webinar on ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy  Assessment and role of Quotients’ attended by-  Pan India Teachers. Learning outcome-  The main purpose of the webinar is to design the questions based on bloom’s taxonomy and raise the bar of teaching learning process.

2nd September 2020.

‘Vayakran  vyapak drishtikon (Sangya tatha sangya ki kotiyyan)’ by Resource Person- Ravi prakash Gupta, conducted by – full marks.Learning outcome-  The webinar is conducted to impart detailed knowledge of Sangya  and its kotiyaan. Resource person spoke about the depth of sangya.

3rd  September 2020: Hindi bhasha adhyan ke kshetra me aajeevika/ Vyavsay ki Sambhavnaye by CBSE attended by Hindi teachers of Indian region . Learning outcome-  The webinar is conducted to impart detailed knowledge of rojgar and vyavsay in hindi bhasha .  This also impart knowledge how to encourage students to learn hindi.

7th October 2020: Ravi prakash Gupta conducted ‘Vayakran  vyapak drishtikon ( karak evam sandhi)’ conducted by – full marks. Learning outcome-  The webinar is conducted to impart detailed knowledge of Hindi Grammar . How to teach the grammar in easiest way.

  • Webinars conducted by Dr. (Mrs.) Sonia Verma

22nd August 2020: ‘Bhashik kaushal evam unka shikshan’ – sunana, Bolna, Padhna aur likhna.




1.07.2020:‘Cultivating Reading Habits among children’ conducted by Goyal Brothers Prakashan

Ms. Jyoti Swaroop . Importance of Reading different genres: broaden horizons, lead to creative writing, understand different cultures, improve language and communication.


5.07.2020: ‘SCHOOLS AND THE ROAD AHEAD’ by Mr. Anurag Tripathi, Sec. CBSE. Competency Building – 21t Century skills

Measurable Skills, Experiential Learning, Adaptive Testing etc

AIM: To make children skilled, happy and enlightened, have independent thoughts



Identify settings, tone, mood and relevance of poetic devices.


28.07.2020: ‘READING- THE ADVENTURE WITHIN’ by Ms. Deepti Gupta. Reading Aloud- Improves Enunciation- conventional way


30.07.2020: ‘TEACHING GRAMMAR IN CONTEXT USING THE DIGITAL PLATFORM’ by OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, Ms. Shefali Ray. Develop a strong base of language learning (FORM AND CONTEXT)  through usage; enhance communication skills.

Add meaning to the discourse.

Concentrate on practicing the language in the classroom. Prominent impact on listening, speaking and writing.


30.07.2020: ‘NPSC – AN EVOLVING ROAD MAP IN LEARNING’ by Mr. Manoj Ahuja, Chairman CBSE, Ms. Anju Tandon. Competency based education- Modern teaching-learning is dynamic but evidence based

26.08.2020: ‘CBSE COE –COMPETENCIES AND THE ENGLISH QUESTION PAPER’ by Ms. Ruchi Sengar, CBSE, Resource person. Linguistic abilities-Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, Content Knowledge and Contextual Knowledge, Adapt Pedagogical strategies as required


2.09.2020: ‘CBSE COE– INTEGRATION OF ARTS IN ENGLISH (CLASSES XI AND XII)’ by Ms Raina Krishatray. To be able to connect Art information and ideas regarding artistic intent into Students interpretational Artwork


  • V. Shashi Sharma, Librarian

On 01st July ’20: Attended a webinar on “Cultivating Reading Habits Among Students”, organized by Goyal Brothers Prakashan.

On 17th July ‘ 20: Webinar on “Bookflix & LPL”, organized by Scholastic Co. & conducted by Ms. Neelam Narang & Ms.Tanuja

On 25th July ‘ 20: Webinar on “School libraries and librarians” organised by Odisha Library Academy.

On 26th July ‘ 20: Webinar on “Leadership skills for Librarians” organised by Madras Library  Association

on 02/09/2020: attended a library webinar organized by CBSE , on the topic “Creating Libraries as Centre of Learning”

  • Mrs Kulbir Kaur (PGT-Fashion Studies)

On 18th July 2020 Mrs Kulbir Kaur attended Workshop on ‘Teaching textiles: Tools and Techniques’ conducted By Sarv International and Mr. Akshay Tholia Renowned Textile Coach and Author was the speaker.


On 19th July 2020, Mrs Kulbir Kaur attended Webinar on ‘21st Century Competencies’, conducted By: Full Marks Pvt Ltd. And hosted by Mr. Rajat Gupta, Director- Full Marks Pvt Ltd.


  • Attended by Mrs. Mansi Singh, Counsellor

On Leading Through Change  :On 1st July 2020, an interactive workshop by Amity Institute of Training and Development on Leading through Change conducted by Dr. Nitin Batra.

We are living in a dynamic world where things or processes change at a rapid pace. Through this interactive workshop, we understood that we don’t even realize and suddenly something new hits us which we never anticipated. Yet 90% of change efforts fail because of poor change management. As people leaders, the onus is on us to showcase our skills and qualities as leaders to drive and manage change. It helped in understanding that one has to Think and Act like A ‘Change Champion’. This workshop helped in enhancing ability to be a Change Champion.

On Effective Communication Skills For Counsellors :On 6th July 2020, Ms Mansi Singh, PGT Psychology attended a webinar on ‘Effective Communication Skills For Counsellors’ conducted by Practicing Counsellor, Ms. Poonam Kamdar trained from NCERT, Delhi.

This webinar helped in understanding that counselling is a conversation between the counsellor and client, the counsellor needs certain communication skills in order to facilitate change. The counselor needs the basic communication skills to do effective counseling.

During the session, it was understood that active listening not only conveys information, but also encourages the client to continue talking. It is an essential skills counselor can exploit to develop a positive and healthy interaction with a client. Different counselling skills were discussed during the session.


ON LEARNING DISABILITIES IN CHILDREN :On 8th July 2020, a webinar on ‘Learning Disabilities in Children’ conducted by Speech Language Pathologist Ms. Neha Tiwari.

This webinar helped in understanding that every classroom has students with different needs and it’s the responsibility of the teacher to cater to their diverse needs. Numerous kinds of learning problems were discussed along with the methodology to be adopted. The teachers were told to deal with every student patiently. The universal design of learning was also discussed with the teachers. Due to the special requirements of these students, teaching methodology and the appropriate delivery of instructions should be given according to the needs of the students.

It was an enriching session as the resource persons shared their expertise in enhancing teaching strategies and techniques in the classroom.

ON POWER OF POSITIVE PARENTING :On 17th July 2020, a webinar on ‘Power of Positive Parenting’ conducted by renowned educational psychologist and trainer Dr. V.S. Ravindran.

The aim of the webinar was to sensitize the participants of the importance of Positive Parenting in the current era. This webinar acted as an eye-opener on a current problem which is very often ignored by various stakeholders in the society, that is the relationship between the parents and the child/children.

This webinar helped in breaking the myths of parenting and create awareness on the significance of positive psychology spectrum, to emphasise on proactive strategies to deal with everyday situations, to enable the parents to understand Long term parenting goals and to empower parents to encourage their children and appreciate them despite their differences from the socially accepted norm.

It helped in understanding that patience is a very important thing. Relationship with the elders is very important as they only need care and nothing else. It helped in learning key principles and strategies to create safe, interesting environments for children; provide positive learning environments; use assertive discipline and have realistic expectations of themselves and children.

ON ANXIETY IN CHILDREN :On 19th July 2020, webinar on ‘Anxiety in Children’ conducted by Psychologist and Phonic Trainer Ms. Sneha Panchal.

Childhood and adolescence are critical times for emotional and psychological development. During these stages, anxiety patterns can begin that continue into adulthood.

This webinar provided a structure for understanding how anxiety works in the nervous system. It helped in learning a diverse range of skills that can be taught and practiced with children and youth. These skills are designed to decrease anxiety and expand the capacity for managing emotions and anxious thought patterns.

It helped in understanding the definition and role of anxiety and identifying when anxiety becomes more ‘disordered’. It helped in recognizing signs of regulation and identifying an integrated plan for treating anxiety and applying strategies for increasing regulation and reducing anxiety in children.

ON BREAKING UNCONSCIOUS BIAS :On 12th August 2020, Ms Mansi Singh, PGT Psychology attended a webinar on Breaking Unconscious Bias conducted by Dr Nitin Batra, Amity Institute of Training and Development. We all have unconscious biases. They are learned stereotypes that are automatic, unintentional, deeply engrained within our beliefs, universal, and have the ability to affect our behaviour.

This webinar provided a structure for understanding how unconscious bias make their way into workplaces and create lot of problems. It helped in understanding Unconscious biases – all of us have them and many of us may have experienced their negative effects. It helped in understanding that if left unchecked, unconscious biases and stereotypes can create an unhealthy work environment and lead to discriminatory behavior. While we can’t be totally free from it, we can figure out how to reduce its effect in the workplace and our lives.

This session helped in recognizing personal biases and make more informed decisions and thus preventing discrimination.

ON EMOTIONALLY DESTRUCTIVE: TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS :On 16th August 2020, webinar on ‘Emotionally Destructive: Toxic Relationships’ conducted by Nida Hasan, Counselling Psychologist. A toxic relationship is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance, control.

This webinar helped in understanding that toxic relationships mutate themselves into something that has the potential, if not corrected, to be extremely harmful to our well-being. These relationships are not necessarily hopeless, but they require substantial and difficult work if they are to be changed into something healthy.

This session helped in understanding the meaning of toxic relationships and identifying them so that these relationships can be worked upon as toxic relationships can affect our emotional and social well-being. During the session, different strategies were discussed to transform toxic relationships into healthy relationships.

ON DEVICE ADDICTION AND REMEDIAL INTERVENTIONS : On 6th September 2020, Ms Mansi Singh, PGT Psychology attended a webinar on ‘Device Addiction and Remedial Interventions’ conducted by a panel of Psychologists and Mental Health experts like Dr Naresh Gill, Counselling Psychologist and Dr Neha Nakra, Clinical Psychologist etc.

Phones seem so innocuous- a handy way to stay connected with friends and pass the time on the internet. But the truth is that they can be highly addictive and while generally safe, phone addiction can cause serious problems in life, including negatively affecting your studies.

While we can’t be totally free from it, we can figure out how to reduce its usage in our lives. This session helped in identifying the negative effects of device addiction and understanding remedial interventions to reduce the negative impact of device addiction.

This webinar provided a structure for understanding how device addiction create a lot of problems. It helped in understanding device addiction – all of us have them and many of us may have experienced their negative effects. It helped in understanding that if it’s harmful effects are avoided then it can result in poor mental health.

ON DECODE YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL :On 11th September 2020, a webinar on ‘Decode your Highest Potential’ conducted by SochKholo by Mr Vishal Gupta, Relationship Coach, TCS. The aim of the webinar was to sensitize everyone that to achieve success one has to put efforts, however the efforts in vague directions deviate from the success.

This webinar helped in understanding that goals provide us a direction in our lives and set a target for us to achieve. By goal setting one gets outside of the comfort zone and pushes towards achieving something that they want.  One needs to focus on decoding the highest potential.

It enabled the participants to focus their attention towards social media de-addiction, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem, developing healthy relationships, knowing the root cause of stress, improving concentration and focus and discovering meaning of success and identifying roadblocks.

This session also emphasized on effective planning and targeting, where the goals are set such that ultimately the process of winning them is what changes and develops you as a person, and not merely the setting or getting of it.

ON INTERPRETING DEPRESSION :On 27th September 2020, webinar on ‘Interpreting Depression’ conducted by Mrs. Shrradha Sidhwani, Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

The aim of this webinar was to challenge misconceptions about depression, help young people to recognize the symptoms of the illness, in themselves and others, and to learn valuable social skills for reaching out and supporting one another.

This session helped in understanding that depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at work and at home.

This session helped in identifying the signs and symptoms of depression and understanding some strategies to handle depression in a more positive manner.

Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.


  • Conducted by Mrs. Mansi Singh, School Counsellor


On PUBG – From Obsession To Addiction: An interactive session on ‘PUBG – From Obsession to Addiction’ on 2nd & 3rd July 2020 for the students of classes VI to IX.

It is imperative to help students to kick off their online gaming addiction. It is necessary to make them understand the consequences of online gaming addiction. This is how they will become mindful towards themselves and the people surrounding them. Through this session, an awareness was created regarding the harmful impacts of playing PUBG and other online games and how it interferes greatly with the studies of a child. The students who should be studying waste their time on this game. This results in neglecting studies and also in reduced levels of concentration.

This session helped in understanding how PUBG mobile game addiction slows down brain activity. The ability to grasp things and focus just lowers. Due to this, academic performance of PUBG players is dropping massively. The students actively participated in the session and shared different opinions about playing PUBG. Some of them also shared the ways in which they are trying to deal with the addiction and how they can overcome this addiction.

During the session, they were counselled as to how they need to handle their obsession of playing PUBG and use some coping strategies to deal with the addiction.

On Building Resilience In The World Of Uncertainty :An interactive session on Building resilience in the world of uncertainty on 4th July 2020 for the students of classes I to V. Despite our best efforts, we cannot prevent adversity and daily stress; but we can learn to be more resilient by changing how we think about challenges and adversities. Today’s families, especially our children, are under tremendous stress with the potential to damage both physical health and psychological well-being.

This interactive session was conducted to find new ways to cope with uncertainty and ambiguity, build mental flexibility, and increase ability to respond and cope. This session helped in exploring new ways to cope and build resilience using the resources one already have, as well as discovering new resources and ways to cope that one may not have come across previously.

This interactive session helped parents and students in understanding some techniques to reveal deeply held patterns and ways of being, insights about when these are and are not helpful, and techniques to help in adjustment and change so that one may have more choice about how one wants to respond to the challenges life brings.

The parents actively participated in the session and shared different opinions about how to build resilience. Some of them also shared the ways in which they are trying to deal with the uncertainty and how they can overcome this stressful situation.

During the session, they were counselled how they can instil resilience that is not only individualistic but that comes from a sense of inter-dependence and cohesiveness within family, friends, community and by exploring the power of being in the here and now.

Through the session, some tips were shared on how can we utilize the experiences of current time to shape resilience in our children.

ON HOW TO  DEAL WITH CHILDREN DURING COVID-19 :An interactive session on “How to deal with Children during Covid-19” on 14th July 2020 for the parents of Pre- primary students.

Through this session, an awareness was created regarding the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and how children are affected by physical distancing, quarantines and nationwide school closures. It was explained why children may be feeling more isolated, anxious, bored, uncertain and may even feel fear, and grief, over the impact of the virus on their families.

This session helped parents in understanding the different strategies that they can implement while dealing with children at home. The parents actively participated in the session and shared their experiences with children at home and also shared the ways in which they are trying to deal with the children during Covid-19 and how they can overcome this situation. During the session, they were counselled as to how they need to handle emotional and behavioural changes in children.

ON MEETING LIFE CHALLENGES: STRESS MANAGEMENT : An Interactive session was conducted for classes VI, VII, VIII and X on ‘Meeting Life Challenges: Stress Management’ from 13th July 2020 to 17th July 2020. Stress is a natural feeling of not being able to cope with specific demands and events. Stress can be a motivator, and it can even be essential to survival. The body’s fight-or-flight mechanism tells a person when and how to respond to danger.

However, when the body becomes triggered too easily, or there are too many stressors at one time, it can undermine a person’s mental and physical health and become harmful.

This interactive session introduced students to the key skills needed to manage their stress. This will help them to prepare for and produce their best work under the inevitable pressure of academic life that arises whilst meeting deadlines and during the build up to exams, the exam season, interviews, presentations and in sport. Once they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed at something, they are often required to reproduce them under pressure or stress.

During the session, students shared their causes of stress and their concerns regarding stress factors. This session helped students in understanding the basic principles of stress management, recognizing their stress triggers and how to manage them, developing proactive responses to stressful situations and using coping tips for managing stress.

ON TIME MANAGEMENT :An Interactive session was conducted for classes VI to IX on ‘Time Management’ on 30th July 2020 and 31st July 2020. The purpose of conducting this session was to equip students with the skills to manage their time effectively and help them to work smarter so that they get more done in less time.

This interactive session introduced students to the key skills needed to manage their time. The students understood how to improve their personal effectiveness, in both their work and personal lives, through improved planning and learnt about systematic time planning techniques. This session highlighted the tools available for effective scheduling and prioritisation.

The session also considered how to deal with interruptions and distractions and focus on time management. The students gained an insight into the key principles involved in managing time effectively and acquiring an insight into own core values.

ON ANGER MANAGEMENT :An Interactive session was conducted for classes VI to X on ‘Anger Management’ 10th, 13th and 14th August 2020. The emotion of anger, can become a problem when it is harmful for the individual himself, others around him or his surroundings. The aim of this session was to learn to manage the anger and channelize it in a positive way.

This interactive session gave the students an opportunity to express their personal experiences wherein they faced difficulty in handling their anger and frustration. During the session, the focus was on helping the students learn specific skills and inculcate a positive thought process to cope with anger.

This session helped students in identifying the situations that prompt them to respond in non-aggressive ways and learn skill sets to use in situations that elicit anger. It also helped in understanding how to express feelings assertively but not aggressively in situations that make them feel angry and focus on problem-solving in frustrating situations. The students learnt that one needs to communicate commendably to defuse anger and resolve conflicts.

ON HEALTHY HABITS -A KEY TO A HAPPY LIVING : An Interactive session was conducted for classes I to V on ‘Healthy Habits – A key to a happy living’ on 21st and 22nd August 2020. Health related habits start in childhood and are influenced by daily family routines. This interactive session aimed at helping our young students develop healthy habits from an early age. Unhelpful habits from early childhood are difficult to reverse later in life when health problems start to appear.

This interactive session introduced students to healthy habits which is very important for a healthy development. Doing things on daily or regular basis turn into habits, these habits help in building the character of your child. Children are very observant of their environment. They pay heed to everything that is happening around them. Therefore, it is important that as a parent one imbibes healthy habits in the child. During the session, some of the healthy habits were discussed so that students may practice these habits on a regular basis and become a better human being. The students actively participated during the session and shared some of their healthy habits that they practice regularly.

This session helped students in understanding how to nurture happy, healthy and confident child by promoting a healthy family lifestyle and a healthy childhood. A child is a great imitator, that is whatever a child sees and observes, she or he is bound to practice it. Therefore, inculcating healthy habits in students will help them acquire skills for a better life ahead.

ON BULLY TO BUDDY : An Interactive session was conducted for classes VI to X on ‘Bully to Buddy’ on 25th, 27th and 28th August 2020. The aim of the workshop was to make the students understand the meaning of bullying and how to deal with it, at the school level with the help of their teachers and peers.

The concept of bullying was explored on many levels from power to empowerment. What the word bullying means, strategies for dealing with bullying, building confidence and assertiveness were discussed during the session. The session empowered the students to say ‘NO’ to bullying.

This interactive session gave the students an opportunity to express their personal experiences wherein they were the victims of bullying. The students found the session enlightening and empowering as they understood that issues of bullying could be dealt with, by making their bully a buddy. The session was concluded by outlining that in order to help themselves, they have to help others and form a circle of strength for all to survive.

ON EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE : An Interactive session was conducted for classes VI to X on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ by the School Counsellor Ms. Mansi Singh on 8th, 10th and 11th September 2020. The emotional intelligence play a key role in teenage. Emotional Intelligence in teens covers their ability to use emotions effectively and productively in an adaptive way.

During the session, the five main areas of Emotional intelligence were discussed such as self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, empathy and relationship skills. The students understood the importance of good communication with others and learnt that emotional intelligence is a gateway to better learning, friendships, academic success and employment. They learnt that skills such as these developed in our formative years at school often provide the foundation for future habits later on in life.

Through the interactive session, the students understood that Emotional Intelligence is highly important in a teen’s development and it plays a positive role in helping students deal with stress, develop relationships, and handle the transitions facing them.

  • Sushmita Chakrabarti (PGT- History)

On 26 September 2020 : Sushmita Chakrabarty (PGT, History) attended a webinar on ‘HOW TO ENGAGE STUDENTS IN VIRTUAL CLASSROOM:. A very enlightening webinar which talked about Five E models,   Explore—Elaborate—Engage—Explain — Evaluate.

  • How to use Tools like PPT, Slides, Cap on platforms like MS Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp , social media etc.
  • Also discussed were, different types of learning interventions for eg. Virtual learning, Blended Learning, E learning, Distance learning.
  • Last but not the least, The Four Roadmaps for online learning was discussed, like Curriculum designing, Technology plan, Evaluation plan and how parent engagement can be used as a tool.
  • This webinar was helpful in understanding, how to engage students in online classes. The psychology of problem solving, coming up with alternate solution using creativity in day to day life.


October, November and December 2020

  • Rashmi Gautam (PRT-Arts)

10/17/2020: Art Integration in Education for Future Readingness by Anil Srinivasan

12/7/2020: Oxford University Press- The Elements of Art & Art Integration at the Primary level by Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh & Anahita Lee


  • CBSE Training attended By Akanksha Agrawal

05/10/2020 Idea of code efficiency in Python

06/10/2020 Strategies for Happy Classroom

07/10/2020 CYBER SECURITY-Introduction to Cyber Crime

08/10/2020 Guided discovery of interfacing CSV files with PYTHON

08/10/2020 Data Structures and its applications in Python

14/10/2020 Flipped Classrooms





  • Bharti Chandorkar (PGT, Chemistry)

22.12.2020:        Art Integrated Learning by Ms. Poonam Sharma, Principal Manthan School, CBSE Connecting knowledge to life outside the class room ensuring that learning shifts away from rote methods, Develop interest in subject, Explanation of difficult concepts in simple ways

16th August: The program consists of 30, 1-hour online sessions on every Sunday , (STEM 30-30) by Dr. Manish Jain from IIT Gandhinagar CCL,

  • Making Science/Math Engaging and Inspiring, focus on conceptual understanding
  • How to Effectively teach Online using Hands-on Activities and stories
  • Unlock the Beauty and Mystery of Math/Science all around us focusing on basic conceptual understanding and critical thinking of Math/Science.
  • The aim of the program is to Unlock the hidden mysteries, beauty and magic of Science/Math that is all around us and the content will be interesting for all Teachers, Parents and Students of all discipline and of any age.
  • Sonia Verma (TGT, Hindi)

9th October 2020: Hindi Bhasha ka navacharyukt shikshan shastra vividh kalaon evam gatividhiyon ka ekikaran by Dr.Vinod Prasun.  The discussion was on how to teach correct hindi how to create teaching atmosphere and addition of new techniques.

16th October 2020: Hindi Bhasha may lekhen tatha sahitya srijan          by Dr.Vinod Prasun. It gives guidance regarding how to improve writing skills in language and how to create sahitya in different forms.

26th November2020: Blended Learning by Dr. Sonia Sharma. Main motive of the webinar was to blend the different subjects  and topics together so that learning process become effective.

7th  December 2020  : Gadhye Padhey evam vayakran ka shikshan by Dr. Madan Singh Rawat. Conducted by – COE Dehradun  – Impart the detailed knowledge of kahani ke tatva, writing skills. How to speak and write correct hindi.

23rd December 2020: Queries related to board exams 2020 by Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj (Controller of Exam CBSE.). Information regarding board exams to be conducted in 2021.

  • Sushmita Chakrabarty (PGT. History)

17 October,2020:   ART INTEGRATION IN EDUCATION by Anil Srinivasan organized by Macmillan Education

  • Meaning of Art integration.
  • Art in Skill, Craft, Endeavor.
  • Subliminal messaging, Necessity for creativity.
  • New fields and new ideas.
  • The importance of Teachers training was emphasized. Also listening to children, talk to them and invest in New Methods.
  • It was indeed a very insightful and fruitful interaction and participants fully realized why and how Art integration should be done in the class room teaching.
  • Pradipta Sen, (TGT- French)

October 01, 2020: New Spaces and Emerging Dialogues by Gandhi National Open University in collaboration with CEMCA, Fresh Perspectives on Teaching-Learning of Foreign Languages” organized by School of Foreign Languages, Indira

  • Alka Sharma (PGT- Commerce)

4th December 2020: ‘Positive Mental Health’ by Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh at 5 pm.


  • Rashmi Saxena (TGT- Science)

3rd October 2020: Art Integration in Teaching

14th October: ‘Impact of Music on Learning’ , to create awareness among the masses on communicable diseases, their prevention and cure. PPT presentation done in class VI and VII.

28th October, 2020: Theatre in Education by students of Class IX. The details of the presentation are given below :
Subject :Science
Topic :  Molecules and their applications in day to day life

  • Suman Tewari (Secondary Coordinator)

On Dec 18, 2020 : Attended  a Multi Schools Webinar  on ‘NEP in Science’.

December’20 : Ms. Suman Tewari, PGT ( Physics) successfully completed a 3-month Science teachers training course “ Shiksha Shilpi” conducted by VIBHA (Vigyan Bharthi) and was awarded a green certificate for excellent performance in her assignments.

  • Madhuri Baunthiyal (Primary Co-ordinator), with all primary teachers

3rd October’20: Impact of Music on Learning by McMillan, Music can be used to make academics enjoyable and  improve concentration.

5th October’20: CBSE _ Health and Well Being in schools by Diksha, It helps  develop understanding about  health, wellness, physical development, emotional well-being, mental health, healthy eating habits and hygiene.

10th October’20: Mathematics, Science and Music by McMillan, Mathematics and science subjects have music component in them.

17/10/20: Art Integrated Education for Future Readiness by McMillan, Integration of various art forms in other subjects

28th October’20: How to be a writer by Ruskin Bond by Ruskin Bond, Collins Learning India, Ways in which the child can become a more better writer.

31st Oct: Creativity Adda organised by CSGN in collaboration with Khwaab

1st November’20: CBSE Integrating Gender in the Teaching Learning Process,

By Diksha, Use and adopt learning activities that foster a gender sensitive classroom environment.

4th December’20: Positive Mental Health in times of Uncertainty and Insecurity by Dr. Rachna K Singh, Cambridge School Greater Noida, Importance of mental health in leading a healthy and balanced life especially during COVID times

7th December’20: Elements of art and art integration by OUP, The relevance of  different forms of visual and performing arts in enhancing teaching.

12th December’20: Oral Hygiene Awareness by  Dr. Mousami Goswami and Dr. Aditya Saxena, Cambridge School Greater Noida, To spread  awareness about  oral hygiene.

21st November’20: Effects of Winter, Air Pollution and Festivals in Delhi by R.R Rashmi, Snigdha Das and others, Cambridge School Greater Noida, To discuss about the effects of air pollution and festivals on the winter in Delhi especially on Corona

  • Madhuri Baunthiyal (Primary Co-ordinator)

6th October’20: Assessment adapting to the new norm, by Collins Learning India, Various ways in which assessment can be conducted online. Key factors to be kept in mind.

11th October’20: Curriculum & Inclusive Classrooms by Diksha, Understanding the various agencies associated with planning and drafting of curriculum

15th October’20: Developing Personal & Social Qualities for Creating Safe and Healthy School Environment by Diksha, Understanding the opportunities to nurture personal-social qualities as these are necessary for an healthy environment in school

20th October’20: Making Social Studies Come Alive in Primary by Ms Archana Golcha-Collins Learning India, Strategies to be used to make teaching learning process of Social Studies as a subject more interesting and meaningful

28th November’20: Active Engagement for 21st Century Skill Development in Classrooms by Ms. Amrita Vohra, GEMS School, Innovative methods to make classroom teaching more effective.

11th December’20: Building Grammar Concepts through Visual Learning by OUP, To develop interest in teaching grammar by using visual aids.

  • Lata Babbar (PRT)

3.9.20: Hindi Bhasha Adhyan ke kshetra me Aajeevika /Vyavsay ki sambhavnaye by Reetu Sirohi /CBSE, discussion on Career option in the field of Hindi language

8.9.20: Creative and Vocational Teaching of Hindi : Possibilities and Challenges by Mr. Ramnayan Dubey/Viva Education, discussion on Career option in the field of Hindi language

12.12.20: Hindi Language Teaching by Ms Nirmal Dwivedi / Madhuban Webinar Series, the aim of the workshop was to finds ways to reinforce and improve the knowledge of Hindi amongst school children

  • Jasdeep Kaur (PRT)

31.10.20: Khwaab Seminar by Shruti Venkratesan, on Best out of waste

21.11.20: Effect of winter, Air Pollution and  Festivals in Delhi – A dangerous Cocktail

CSGN, Discussion on problems like burning of paddy etc

8.12.20 ; Magic of Games in Online Teaching  by CSI, Inculcate games in online teaching

  • Ms Kusum Dhyani (PRT)

1st October, 2020: Advanced learning and Teaching using resources and assessments –by Macmillan, discussion on learning and Teaching using resources and assessments

16th October, 2020: Cancer awareness programme – by ICMR , Self and cancer awareness

22nd October, 2020: Kokuyo Camlin marking art fun, Art and craft

22nd October, 2020: Effective ways of using a dictionary to master the English language- by Pearson India, Simple and effective ways of using a dictationary

7th November, 2020: Harnessing Edtech for assessment and remediation-ny Ms Ruvneet Bains, Importance of technology in Assessment and Remediation

28th November, 2020: Active Engagement for 21st century skill development- by Ms Amrita Vohra (Director GEMS schools India), Importance of skill development

8th December, 2020: Magic of games in online teaching- Indirapuram branch, Online games and its impact

11th December, 2020: Ed Tech tools for effective online teaching- by Ms Asllesha Thakur Education consultant and Leadership trainer, Discussion on tools

18th December, 2020: Teaching science in the 21st century –by Ms Vaishali Gupta (OUP Author), Science and its impact

  • Nazia Anjum (PRT)

5th Oct: Ecosophy by Peas

28th Oct : How to be a writer by Collins Publication (Ruskin Bond )

4th Dec: Positive mental Health in times of uncertainty and insecurity,   Organised by CSGN, conducted by Dr Rachna K.Singh

8th Dec: Magic of games in online teaching by CSI

18th Dec: Teaching science in 21st century by Vaishali Gupta by Oxford

  • Anshu Gupta (PRT)

21.11.20: Effect of Winter, Air pollution and festivals in Delhi – A dangerous cocktail.

4.12.20: Mental health is integral to living a healthy balanced life

8.12.20: Magic of games in online teaching.

12.12.20: Oral hygiene awareness.


January, February and March 2020

  • Mrs Pooja Handa (PRT), & Mrs. Anshu Gupta (PRT)

28th January 2021: Mathematics Pre-Primary Workshop on Meaningful Pedagogical practices for online classes by Jodo Gyan, developing Foundational Numeracy, Shape Sense, Comparison, Sorting, Seriation, Pattern making.

  • Madhuri Baunthiyal (Primary Academic Co-ordinator)

23rd Jan.’21:Turning Strategies into Habits by British Council, the presenter Nick Michelioudakis presents strategies to get students take charge of their own learning and provide four techniques – one for the each of four skills (Listening – Speaking – Vocabulary – Reading) to help learners turn their strategies into habits.

22nd Jan.’21: Creating a Presence in Online Classes: From Myth to Reality by British Council, the presenter Dr. Priyamvada Agarwal relates to the concept of presence in teaching learning scenario by discovering ways to create presence in online classes and identifying the major factors that are hurdle in creating a sense of presence.

  • Kusum Dhyani (PRT)

January: Competency based education (module 1) by CBSE- Nishtha, CBE is an approach which allows students to advance based on their ability to master a skill or competency at their own pace regardless of environment.

January: Pedagogy of science by CBSE- Nishtha, How to include different resources and tools to engage the students

  • Niharika Chaudhary (PRT)

19/1/21:         How to Create Engaging Online Classes for Primary Students’ by CSI. It helps to understand how to make online classes more fun and engaging.

25/1/21:         Active student response strategies for online learning by Anahita Lee. It helps to understand how to make online classes more fun and engaging.

28/1/21:         Integrating media and films in online ELT classrooms by Sanghita Sen.         It tells us that how can music help in media usage make studies more enjoyable.

  • Jasdeep Kaur (PRT) & Mrs. Rashmi Saxena (TGT-Science)

22nd January 2021: Food Adulteration: Monitoring and Prevention by CSS. An Online Department Presentation by the Home Science Faculty of CSS.

  • Mansi Singh (PGT- Psychology) -attended

16 January 2021: Practicing And Imparting Positivity by Ms. Atipriya Ahlawat And Ms. Varnika Rastogi, Psychology Department, CSI. It helped in understanding the power of positive thinking. The webinar explored what positive thinking is, analysing its benefits and traps, as well as barriers to change.

  • Mansi Singh (PGT- Psychology) – Conducted

22 & 29 January 2021: Building Self-Esteem by Ms. Mansi Singh, School Counsellor. It helped in understanding that to achieve personal goals and keep oneself happy, there is a need to develop and maintain self-confidence and self-respect.

Abhishek Sharma (TGT- Social Science) & Mrs. Akanksha Agrawal (PGT-IP)

22-01-2021: A demo session on the “Interactive Intelligent Panels” for the classrooms. At Cambridge Primary School, by Senselite- Navjot Singh, Maxhub- Sunny Arora   Objectives:  To understand –

1) The utility of interactive intelligent panels in our classrooms considering the changed scenario of classroom teaching.

2) How are they different as compared to our smart TV sets already installed in the classrooms?

3) How these panels could be utilized for our online workshops/ lectures and training programmes.

4) How these panels can help for managing both online and offline classes together.

Sushmita Chakrabarty (PGT-History), Mrs. Gargi Choudhary (TGT-Social Science) and Mr. Abhishek Sharma (TGT-Social Science).

15-01-2021: The Role of Women in the Medieval Period  by Department Presentation by the History Faculty of Cambridge School Srinivaspuri, New Delhi.

Objectives:  To understand –

1) Feminism

2) Social condition of women

during medieval period

3) Women’s rights

4) New education policy

(Mrs.) Sonia Verma (TGT-Hindi)

20th January 2020: Bloom’s Taxanomy

6th January2020: Madhyamika star par hindi bhasha mai Aaklan

Mrs. Kusum Dhyani (PRT)

 February : Competency based education (module 2) by CBSE- Nishtha, Teaching and Learning designing principles & structure design.

February: Competency based education (module 3) by CBSE- Nishtha, Building student friendly environment, focus on higher order skills.

February: Competency based education (module 4) by CBSE- Nishtha, Classroom management, supporting individual needs.

August- February: Experiential Learning course by CBSE- Nishtha, Techniques to engage each student, providing opportunities to explore, regular feedbacks.

February: How to create Language Learning Content by CBSE- Nishtha, Creating different tools which will help the students to get familiar with the language.

Preetpal Kaur (PRT) & Mrs. Nazia Anjum (PRT)

1st February 2021: Meaningful Pedagogical practices for Mathematics during Online classes by EK. Shaji & Jodogyan Team, Jodogyan

  • Learned interactive method of teaching fractions through games
  • Learned different Judogyan activities which will help students to retain the concepts for a longer time

Niharika Chaudhary (PRT)

6/2/21: Art integration conclave by Sanjana Kapoor, Anil Srinivasan, Vinay S Mehrotra, Jo Dee Scissors, It helped in exploring the need for Art Integration, 21st century academic expectations, Art as Inspiration and methods of delivery and assessment.

12/2/21: Wellness Webinar for Teachers by Godrej Interio

  • It helped to understand how small changes in our daily lifestyle can help us in the long run specially in the teaching profession.

25/2/21: My Learning train Parent Express by Ms. Sonia Relia

  • It teaches and trains for early year activities for teaching.

29th June – 31 March: Experiential Learning by Diksha

  • Course for educators on Experiential learning pedagogy with classroom videos, questions and reflective activities

Mansi Singh (PGT-Psychology)

05, 11, 12 Feb. 2021: Handling Peer Pressure (Classes VI-VIII), Ms. Mansi Singh,

School Counsellor (conducted). It helped the students to understand and recognise the effects of peer pressure and to develop the skills to resist temptation.

19 Feb. 2021: Effective Team Management (Class VI), by Ms. Mansi Singh, School Counsellor (conducted). This session helped the students in understanding that teamwork is a group of people with various complementary skills, working together towards a common vision.

19 Feb. 2021: Career Counselling by Dr. Aruna Broota, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist & Alchemist. The counselling session supported and boosted the morale of students by understanding the kind of requirements for long term success and the overall performance.

Shweta Chugh (TGT-Mathematics)

06/02/12: Art Integration Conclave by Altura Macmillan Education and Rhapsody

  • Tremendous need of art integration as it is an inspirational method of delivery and assessment
  • Art is necessary for a child’s expression and an integral part of his intelligence and holistic development.

13/02/12: Success mantra for engineering aspirants by Anand Kumar, Mathematician, Academician, Innovator, Change maker

  • Mugging up is not a solution to memorising the concepts, correlation with real life is more important
  • Time management is the basic key to success
  • Move from easy to difficult
  • Patience / staying positive/ hardwork / written practice are always the best friends.

07/03/21: Gamification of Mathematics   CBSE schools by Mathews K Thomas

  • Maths in connected with everything around us in nature
  • Use of games like Sudoku, math race, ping pong, odd eve etc can make teaching more interesting.

(Mrs.) Sonia Verma (TGT-Hindi)

10th February 2021: माध्यमिक स्तर पर हिंदी भाषा में आकलन conducted by Dr. Sonia Verma, CBSE COE Noida .

  • To teach the attendees regarding correction and marking in hindi language.
  • To teach how to prepare rubrics in differ types of assessment.
  • Where to grant and cut the marks.


2nd March 2021: भाषिक कौशल उनका सुनना बोलना पढना एवं लिखना conducted by Dr. Sonia Verma CBSE COE Noida . To teach the attendees different skills and activities of 20th century to develop bhasik kaushal.


5th March 2021 माध्यमिक स्तर पर हिंदी भाषा में आकल   conducted by Dr. Sonia Verma CBSE COE panchkula To teach the attendees regarding correction and marking in hindi language. To teach how to prepare rubrics in differ types of assessment. Where to grant and cut the marks.

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